What a year -Covid changed our lives!

Never before has a hash event had the scoop of the century with international guests.
Olivier Newton John with her team of aerobic instructors, OTT, GG and Sprinkler who tried to get us exercising but only succeeded briefly, this was instead of a “run”. The rain teased us off and on; we did not venture outside.

Our returnees, Miss Muffet, Quokka, Puddles, Strappa, Super, Cowpat and Tip’m (who also celebrated birthday) were very impressed with the entertainment.

Who could believe Donald Trump would deliver his own fake news! He could not stop looking at Dolly Parton’s boobs. She brought her own troop of line dancers who were very professional. Feryl also had issues with boobs, she gave Bright Spark a good grope of her left mammary gland and squeezed lightly and then realised they were fucking real! An almighty squeal was heard! In her defense, she made some lovely gluten free cupcakes.

In the time magazine they have a beautiful write up of the engagement of Kebab to a fabulous guy and she couldn’t stop showing off her stunning engagement ring to her fans.
Bumbo took in a homeless drunk and was surprised that an accident did not occur with Oasis on her scooter with Banger as she was absolutely PLASTERED! The best dressed celebrities were Bright Spark, Jammy, Camel, Cheapy (who looked pretty cheap), Strappa and Tickets. They will be on the front cover of American fashion magazine.

As innocent as Unravelled looks, she managed to win Bitchy Britches of the year, no sympathy given with her cast on arm. Droopy Boobs prize for the year went to OTT. Still standing with a pulse is Sarge with 1069 runs, Wombat quite tired after 650 runs and at the rear is STC with a cool 69 runs. All the way from Scotland, to attend this amazing event were Moose, Rollon, Ricebowl, and Kentucky. FAKE NEWS! Showoff is not Scottish.

Maid Muffin told a joke; A real estate salesman sent flowers to a lovely couple who recently purchased a home: It said RIP, sorry for your loss. Another bewildered couple who just got home from a funeral had flowers with a note saying welcome to your new home. Bumbo hopes that is heaven!
That is the End !
ON ON Bumbo