Hash Dictionary


GRAND MISTRESS aka The GM: Leader of the HASH. Installed at the AGM by a process peculiar to Hash, otherwise known as guided democracy.
ON SEC aka OnSex; Does most of the work, makes sure the Hash keeps its reputation of being disorganised.
HASH CASH Chief bean counter; makes sure all the money comes in. This position often acquires new houses, cars during its term.
JOINT MISTRESS As her name suggests; she’s in charge of all the Hash Runs, especially Joint ones, and the partaying hats.
WEB MISTRESS Looks after all that mystery stuff in the Cloud and sounds very knowledgeable when she talks.
HASH SPLASH Where would we be without The Splashes?? They’re in charge of the drinks and you would have a dry old argument without them.
HASH FLASH Takes the ‘porno’ photos, when she remembers the camera, then publishes them on the www (aiming to maximise your embarrassment).
HABERDASH Ensures everyone has a Hash t-shirt thus not allowing any excuse for nakedness.
CHOIR MISTRESS Singer of dirty ditties and leader of the Harriettes’ Choral Society.
TRAIL MISTRESS Chases possible Hares around trying to trap them into having a run.
HASH HORN The rowdy one who runs around the streets, blowing her horn, terrorising all the little ones whilst keeping the stragglers on trail.
HARE This Harriette sets the run and is ultimately responsible for, and accepts, the blame for a foul up.
CO-HARE Assists the HARE setting the run and goes to ground should there be hounds looking for blood due to a foul up.
ON ON   (Def #1) OnOn is called at the start to send the hounds on their way. Some change this OnOn call to ‘P_ss Off that way’.
             (Def #2)         On On is called during the run when the hounds are on trail. Sometimes the hounds miss calling and thus get terribly lost.
             (Def #3) After the run and a couple of (dozen) social drinks, you call OnOn! (it’s much easier to say than ‘I’m going now’ when in an inebriated state).
FALSE TRAIL A cunning trap set by the Hare to put innocent hounds off the trail…. the more cunning the better.
ARE YOU? A CALL FOR HELP!! When a hound is lost and wants to know if someone else is too.
CHECKING The answer to ARE YOU? When you’re unsure, looking for an arrow, flour or toilet paper (Especially toilet paper if you’ve been lost for a while).
CHECK BACK The next answer to ARE YOU? You are LOST! You need to go back to the last arrow or bit of trail and start again.
SCB Short Cutting Bastard: a term of endearment for the non-conformists who find it hard keeping to the ‘straight and arrow’.
HASH BOOK Records the runs and names of Harriettes who took part. It has an uncanny knack of disappearing after a run (especially the 1900th )
SHIGGY The sloppiest part of the run – usually swamp, mus and water.
RULES There are NO rules in HASH!!!
THE CIRCLE The raucous gathering after the run where no one listens to what’s being said. Rule of the Circle: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
BITCHY BRITCHES The recipient of the ‘Britches’ has usually been less than polite to another Harriette, although the rule above can be involved with the accusation.
DROOPY BOOBS The recipient of the ‘Boobs’ has usually acted in a manner unbecoming to most intelligent Harriettes. Again the above rule can cause misjudgement.
CHARGE An allegation made in the circle where one Harriette suggests another Harriette has broken the rules (see definition above for Rules)
DOWN DOWN Your reward for a good run, bad run, birthday, bitchy comment, droopy remark or just due to the above rule, yet again! Splash is sculled without stopping or the left over is poured on your head.