How It All Began …

The Perth Hash House Harriettes started on Sunday 16 July, 1978 by Wes “Old Wares” Carter and Tess “Tinkerbell” Bell. Advertisements in the personal column of the Sunday Times and invitations to the Perth Harriers better halves resulted in a founding pack of an even dozen.


Sarge is the only member of that pack still running regularly and she celebrated her personal 1300th run at the Club’s 1700th Run celebrations on the 19th April 2011. The phrase “Where Bosoms Bounce Best” was coined on that first run with Old Wares’ shins still bearing the scars of the reaction to that (at the time) very sexist remark!


Since then a lot has changed – the run is now on a Tuesday, the pack has increased to 60+, that sexist remark updated to “Where Boobs Bounce Best!” – and used as the club motto.


There have been 37 committees responsible for the club’s development and they have a lot to answer for. T-Shirts, fancy shorts, jackets, badges, special events and milestones, local, national and international hash trips have all been overseen and organised by the committee and anyone else crazy enough to volunteer. As a result the Perth Harriettes are highly recognizable in the hash world and are renowned for their distinctive haberdash and their ability to put on a fantastic show.


The Perth Harriettes celebrated their 1900th Run on 17 February 2015 and with new members regularly joining the club, we are set to leave our mark well into the future. While our boobs may (or may not) be as perky, our enthusiasm and dedication to the hash traditions remain strong.


Perth Harriettes Song

To the tune of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary…

Who wants to see a miracle? We’re the Perth Harriettes For looks and class, we’re unbelievable! We’re the true blue Harriettes, On On On! Come along and join us in our song. You know our Boobs Bounce Best. So it’s On On On when we are hashing, we’re the Perth Harriettes ………………………………..On On!!!