Run 2182 – 4 August – Aunty Val
It was the final run for the outgoing committee ‘The Caped Crusaders’. You could see the look of ‘yahoooooo’ on their faces.
If Bumbo had to put another bottle of beer in her car, she would have resorted to drinking them even before getting to the hash run.
Thanks to the Hare, Aunty Val and the co hares Even Stevens and Liberty. It was a great run, loads of long false trails, which had the girls going in every direction, and kept the runners with us slow walkers together. Well done ladies.

Commando got the circle started and welcomed our visitor Christie, a friend of Knee Hi. Christie was all over the down down, and had it down her throat in 2 secs flat. Good going young lady.

The returnees were welcomed back – Knee Hi, Topless and Nightfill. God knows where they have been.

OTT (100 runs) and Topless (150 runs) celebrated receiving their foot necklaces (never to be taken off ladies), and Topless stayed up there to celebrate her birthday. Well done to Kentucky for 100 runs as well.

It went without saying, the Bitchy Britches and Droopy Boobs stayed with Zippy. Watch out ladies, in 2 weeks’ time, Zippy will come out of the On Sec role to bring vengeance upon all as our new GM. ‘All hail the GM’.

Mary Poppins did come out the front to tell a story about someone who was a bitch, and something along the lines of “maybe she knows something that we do know”. The scribe had no idea what she was talking about, but I hope someone got the gist.

Ballbreaker got charged by Gorgeous who called her ugly (that is not nice ladies, counselling will be required). Zippy did get charged again, because she told Ballbreaker that she had to go to Spec Savers.

Knee Hi, Show Off and Sarge got charged for throwing out plastic lids, caps and bottle lids. Ladies, please save them because they go to someone who makes penis’s out of them in a 3D printer (well that is what I heard, don’t shoot the scribe, maybe it was making a Russian Spaceship).

The biggest accolade goes to Home James, Buttless and Cookie. HJ realised that Jam Tart would never get to 900 runs, so she pre-made her 900th chair, way in advance. Jammy has been with the Harriettes for over 30 years and is just topping 600 runs. A well-deserved chair Jammy, rules are meant to be broken HJ, top job in bringing this forward. It will be another 30 years for Jammy to get to 900 runs.

Unravelled certainly did a job on herself. She broke her wrist a week ago. She said that she fell over a garden gnome whilst in her garden, and her wrist just went snap when it hit the ground. (We all know that she had taken a sickie from work and was getting plastered at the local pub with Nanny. She fell over a bar stool whilst reaching for her 10th wine of the day and hit the hard corner of the bar, but she did not spill her wine). All she was worried about was telling the Harriettes… why, did you think that we would give you shit. Stay up right next time at the pub Unravelled, lol. We hope it mends soon.

Congratulations to Buttless on becoming a Granny Fanny for the 3rd time. Yippppeee, you go girl.

The AGM is next Tuesday, everybody please remember it is an 80’s Glow Party. The committee is ready to go and it will be fun.

Aunty Val told a joke about being back in the 1940’s about a baby getting praised – punch line was do not praise the baby?? Still don’t get it.

The pizza was a bit late, but that’s OK because it was bloody delicious.

On On to the AGM
GG – Gossip Girl