Hare: Gorgeous
Ballajura Bacchanalia

Returnees Even Stevens – home from kicking back in Kalbarri for weeks
Sam – had a better offer
And a special welcome after ten years to Antz Pantz, Cheapy’s daughter

Recent New Member – Deb – yet to be named, suggestions were overruled

Special Runs – Cookie celebrated 1400 runs and was presented with the milestone glass and some wine which she can enjoy on her trip north. We’ll miss her smiling face and jokes for the next few weeks. She was given a delicious biblical cake-too small to feed us all, but there was still some left at the end of the night!

69 er – Roll On -769 down down with a premature finish

Bitchy Britches – Unravelled noted Ball Breaker had arrived in time for the start of the run-actually five minutes EARLY

Droopy Boobs – Kentucky charged Zippy for having her head in
Cheapy’s boot – not a good move when Cheapy’s shutting the lid

Charges – Zippy charged Cheapy for trying to kill her last week though Cheapy reckoned she could have succeeded if that had been her plan

Zippy had to be charged while we still can

Camel charged Sprinkler for mismanagement of the stairs

Tickets, joined by Roll On and Sarge are all Fanny Nanny Grannies – Tickets is a virgin!

Sam is having a carpal tunnel op on Thursday. We wish her well.

Wenchy told a joke,
AND as a front runner looking for trail reminded everyone to put arrows close enough so that the previous one is visible. The more arrows should mean more calling which is important to keep the pack in touch and on trail. Refresh your run behaviour and read the guide in the annual.

Lost and Found – black umbrella with Hush Puppy on it. Does not belong to Mary Poppins!
blue wine goblet-maybe BB’s?
Cookie has lost her torch. Is it the spare Crafty found in her bag?
We don’t have many runs in Ballajura so it was fun being in the area, especially with a verge collection – something I miss since Stirling just uses skip bins now.

Thanks Gorgeous for delicious food and Thrifty for the use of her lovely undercover area.

On On! Aunty Val
PS Please let me know asap if you need GF, Veg or even Vegan!