Hare & Co-hare – Squirrel and Camel (we missed an opportunity for one animal drinks all animals drink)
New Members – Theresa
Returnees – Moet and Cactus
Birthdays – Sarge, Cactus & Perth Harriettes
Special Runs – Dingbat 150
Droopy boobs – no contenders
Bitchy Britches – no contenders
Lost Property – Brightspark left her glasses at Wenchy’s
Charges – only one – Brightspark against DJ for breaking her wrist and trying to copy Brightspark
Joke by Cookie about boobs and nuts!
Wassup (CTD’s daughter) had a daughter Harriet Jude on the Perth Harriettes birthday 13th July making CTD a granny, fanny, nanny – she will need a down down on her return
A few missing in action
• Rambling in hospital after emergency surgery on the weekend – best wishes to Rambling for a quick recovery
• DIY – fell off stepladder (again!) and has hurt her knee and ankle – no broken bones this time, hope you are wobbling around soon DIY

Other walking wounded were present, DJ with her broken wrist, Brightspark with her broken elbow and Cactus with a moon boot after another operation on her foot.

Very well behaved tonight, very quick circle.

Getting to the run for myself was a bit of a conundrum (no co-pilot tonight, Thrifty missing in action), cruising along Ocean Reef Road with a little rain, occasionally getting a bit heavier, I came across this mess trying to be a roundabout at Wanneroo Road and Ocean Reef Road, as I said it was raining and dark, road markings not clear, I wanted to continue on Ocean Reef Road but ended up heading north on Wanneroo Road (??), did a Uey, tried again, this time I ended up heading south on Wanneroo Road (what the!), another Uey and finally found my way back onto Ocean Reef Road and then asked Google to direct me to Kaufmann Avenue but it thought I said Cockman and tried to send me on the freeway south (geez), after a couple attempts I asked Google to take me to Ocean Reef primary school and, whala, found Squirrels house.

We took off in Ocean Reef with instructions from the hare, Squirrel, see you in an hour she said. She was pretty well spot on the ones that did the full run returned pretty much on the hour, well done Squirrel. We were very lucky and not a drop of rain during the run as we made our way through Ocean Reef.
See you next week