A well-timed run had everyone back on the hour after the light sprinkling of rain, which didn’t dampen the good mood as we threaded our way through Noranda and Morley.

Commando ran a great circle which started 10 minutes after the run ended. Shame it was hard to hear the circle with Liberty and Shorty nattering away in the back row. Obviously, Liberty was corrupting the rule following Shorty.
A special mention to OTT who was in good voice as Choir Mistress, it looks like Tickets may have some competition as the greatest.

Hare & Co-Hare
Wenchy and her daughter Blewhe

No visitors tonight


Wenchy with a ‘tart for a tart’ which turned out to be a pumpkin pie.

Cheapy on her 469th run and she thought the penis was too small!

Bitchy Britches
Show Off handed them onto Gorgeous who did a good impression of Home James with an ‘In my defence’ before even hearing the accusation. Gorgeous was charged for claiming someone in their new knitted headband looked like a ‘char woman’. Gorgeous then tried to pass the blame on to Super, but no one would hear of it.

Droopy Boobs – 2 nominations.
1. CTD nominated Kentucky for a few weeks ago driving off from Harriettes with a cake on the roof of her car.
2. Bumbo for not recognising a pair of pants that were left at a run, after she had promised the owner that she would collect them for her.
The boobs were unanimously passed onto Kentucky.

General Business
A few reminders were given out:
• WINOS is the 18 July at 12:30pm
• AGM is a 1980s glow party, make sure you’re financial to attend
Special mention was made of Alison who is a new member and is absent due to being in Albany nursing her mum who is in palliative care.

Cookie passed on a hi from Tinker Bell, who is a past member.
Liberty also had passed on a hello from a past member, but I missed the name – sorry!

A photo of the Harriettes was in this week’s Subiaco Post with an article about the headbands. The profits are going into creating a rose garden in memory of Dorothy who passed away.

Everyone’s love and thoughts are with Wombat whose niece passed away tragically in a car accident this week.

We all send out best wishes to DJ who has broken her wrist and to Leopard who is in lockdown in Melbourne.

OTT charged Brightspark for claiming in the Subiaco Post article that the headbands were sweatbands, to soak up the perspiration from our running – charge reversed.
Feryl charged TipM, Tickets and Maid Muffin for talking throughout the circle.
Wenchy charged Roll On for lost property of a jacket.
Roll On took a drink for being a new Nanny, her daughter Lone Ranger gave birth to a new grandson, Stanley, born on the 4 July.
TipM and Tickets took a drink to send them off on their travels.

Cecile had a number of names thrown around. At one stage the name suggested had something to do with a talking vagina “Muff Gab”. Finally she was named Adicktion, for her obsession with the runs during social isolation from Penistone Park, because she was wanting to do a run that when traced on a map would draw a penis…….. Sounds like a girl with some good ideas to me. I hope she does this when she holds a run.

The circle ended with a number of jokes being told by Cheapy, Liberty and Cookie.

30 minutes after it started the circle ended with the song being led by our Hare, Wenchy and on to a lovely hot dinner.