30th June: Ex-GM’s run according to Wenchy – notes interpreted by Blewhe

As everyone turned up dressed as where they were planning to go before COVID ruined their travel plans, they were greeted by nurses taking their temperatures and testing them for COVID, along with being offered some fantastic cruise deals by the local travel agents. They then managed to find the delicious COVID punch

C: Champagne
O: Orange Juice
V: Vodka
I: Ice
D: Dinosaurs (cause no other D alcohol would go and why not dinos??)

The run was called, and lolly bags were handed out containing everyone’s medicine for the night. They all had stickers on them so everyone had to find their groups of 4.
It was a token run lead by Tip’m & Home James down to the park, some followed, some were a bit slow taking off and didn’t quite catch the pack.
Once everyone returned having found their group members, they were handed a travel quiz by Blewhe and told to have it finished by the start of the circle.

After the circle, we had a great curry cooked by DJ and banana bread by Blewhe because apparently you haven’t done lock down unless you baked at least 1 banana bread (well according to facebook anyway).

HARE & CO-HARE: Tip’m and Home James
VISITORS: Gillian, Deb, LicknStickIt, Theresa
SPECIAL RUNS: OTT – 100, Squirrel – 400, Oasis 600
BITCHY BRITCHES: Show-off – Asked Gorgeous “When did you do 500 runs?” after seeing her in her 500 jacket
DROOPY BOOBS: CTD for booking wrong flights to Cairns, Kentucky for driving off the previous week with her cake on the roof of her car (but she wasn’t there to claim them)
GENERAL BUSINESS: Reminder to let Feryl know if you wanted to attend the WINOS on the 18th July
CHARGES: COVID charge on names making up COVID – Camel, OTT, Aunty Val (Sarge stood in), Jam Tart, DIY
Something about Zippy and Feryl too busy talking
Sarge seemed to have been charged for something along with Home James, Anyname, CTD, Crafty and I can’t read the other name – no idea what for, but I’m sure they did something haha

QUIZ: Blewhe came out to read through the answers of the quiz for everyone and after what seemed to be a controversial outcome, the winners were Commando, Zippy, Tutti and Feryl. They all won a 1way cruise on the Ruby Princess from Sydney – Los Angeles. Unfortunately having to spend most of the best bits of the cruise in cabin isolation for 14 days! But they got some hand sanitizer and masks so they could travel safely, because safety first people!

And on to the song with Shorty taking us out!

OnOn to next week at Wenchys!