Cleo’s Run, Co Hare Call Girl, Cook Stiffy, Wombat by default led run due to weather conditions.
Quite a joint effort you would have to say.

Most set off, only to return in at various stages as Wombat was trying to direct via maps.

However, even due to all good intentions she left Wenchy, Xena & Yo… followed 5 mins later by Sprinkler, Roll On, Kentucky & Guide Dog to arrive after the circle had started.

Circle; 8.10pm
No visitors tonight. Just one returnee in Jewells, Welcome back.

Special runs;
Kentucky has reached her first milestone of 100 runs Congratulations & cake!

Birthdays; Stiffy, Call Girl & Feryl. More Cakes!! Yo, a D.D. but cake will be next week!!

Bitchy Britches; Jammy keen to pass on OTT nominated Smudge. Oops notes a bit fuzzy. Smudge would not dish dirt. ??who ended up with them.

Droopy Boobs; OTT tried to give them to Smudge too, Camel on Feryl for forgetting candles, Sprinkler on Smudge for A big Dick on her fb page. ?? OTT carryover.

Charges; The lost red pants belong to Half Cut. Not here to collect.
Tip’m & Jammy talking…how unusual!!
Mary Poppins & Tutti Fruitti for sitting (rules change every week!) Maid Muffin said it was the first time she had been asked to move ‘coz someone couldn’t see past her. Boom Boom.
Ball breaker for arriving late AGAIN.
Not sure why Wenchy was stroking Brightsparks boobs but she was busted.

Many of us now have lovely headbands. Thanks to Brightspark & ETHEL So a photo opportunity was essential.

General Business; Winos 18th July Keep eyes out for that.
Home James has Mother in Law Tongues for the taking, contact her.

Jokes; Maid Muffin & Cookie

XGM’S run next week.