Run 2175 – 16 June – Dingbat
It was a lovely chilly night for our run. After some instruction by our hare Dingbat, the pack set off on a well-planned run with all the pack linking up at different points. A few scary spots near the lake but no snakes were spotted.
Over the fields and through the parks.
Great run Dingbat and Tutti Fruitti.

Visitors…..Deb & Chloe
Returnees… Tickets, Coaster, Anyname & Kebab.
Special Runs….Kebab & Anyname
Birthdays…….Shorty & CTD
Bitchy Britches….retained by Jam Tart
Droopy Boobs……retained by OTT

Brightspark’s headbands made by Brightspark and Ethel at the nursing home were a hit.
Lost property was claimed by Cow Pat & Brightspark.
Cowpat spoke about Adelaide Hash.
Cookie told a great joke as usual.

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