Run 2174 – 9 June – Zip It
It was a special night of Rainbows and Bubbles to celebrate the revival of the Harriettes after months of isolation and separation. There was a huge turn out and the Harriettes arrived at the warehouse in Osborne Park (big thanks to Sarge) dressed in all the colours of the rainbow. In keeping with the social distancing hugs were out the window and the ‘elbow bumping’ was in.

The pack gathered outside where the Hare (Zippy) and Co-Hare (Sarge) explained the run and introduced our visitor Jackie. It was a beautiful warmish June night and a great run meandering through the streets of the Osborne Park industrial area and catching up on each other’s news.

Back in the warehouse we hit the Splash and popped the bubbles (thank you Committee). Zippy served up a delicious meal and did a great job feeding the masses! Luckily we didn’t have any neighbours who could complain about the noise levels and laughter. DIY with a little help from Ball Breaker rounded up all 60+ Harriettes and took the opportunity to take a group photo.

Commando called the circle and started with a big welcome to Jackie our visitor.
Then welcomed the Returnees – Firefly who has rejoined the Harriettes followed by a big welcome back to ALL Harriettes!

With the numerous special runs and milestones achieved during the past couple of months thankfully there was only ONE CAKE which did the rounds after a quick prop change! Huge congratulations to you all

Special runs

100 Brightspark
200 Miss Muffett
300 DIY
500 Xena
600 Crafty, Show Off and Nightfill
800 Mary Poppins
900 DJ
250 Moose
350 Dynamo
550 Guide Dog

Birthdays – Cleo and Brightspark

69’ers – Stiffy showed off her ‘hidden’ talent doing the down down.

Bitchy britches – Xena passed on the bitchy britches to Jam Tart for passing a comment that the current committee should serve another year as they haven’t done anything this year because of isolation. GG was also a contender as she tried to push Coaster in front of car and also made a comment to Xena that the britches fit her after 3 months of isolation.

Droopy boobs – Cookie passed on to OTT who realised her Dick was leaking when she washed it forgetting that it does have a hole in it.

La Fitz charged Xena – for leading everyone up the garden path with her private lighting in her tutu.
GG – Wenchy – went a step too far and caught on the staircase finding themselves above the GM.
Shorty – for pacing the joint looking dubious
Nightfill, Jam Tart and Ball Breaker were all charged for being on their phones during circle
Dingbat – for losing her rainbow feather boa on the run.

Other news
Small Goods reported that Rocky City raised $2,249 for Pink Breast Run. OTT and Buttless were lucky to have won raffles on that night.

Good luck to Aunty Val who is having some repair work done “under the bonnet”.

Congratulation to the Granny Fanny Nannies – Sarge, Guide Dog (great Granny Fanny) and Cecile.

We had three jokesters – Cookie, Sarge and GG.

Sarge ordered everyone to stand up and led us out in song “Who wants to see a miracle”.
“We found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”

Housekeeping for Tuesday’s run at Dingbat – parking is limited so if you can car pool would help. Parking also available at Tutti’s (No 8). If weather OK we will be outside – if not we will spread ourselves around inside my house.

On On Dingbat