Finally arriving to a deserted area of Bentley after taking the ‘fastest route’ option took us on a convoluted ‘forevertour’, Roll On and I surveyed the area listening for the horn – nothing, looked for distant flashing torches – nothing. Finding the On On and following trail we were doing really well until the first check – oops … someone forgot tthe chalk to cross out the defunct arrows 🙁 Being good Harriettes though we checked them all and at the last we came across Coaster & Thrifty who set us on our way – “the girls aren’t far in front” ???? They were!

Catching up to the back of the pack we made our way through to the middle of the group and enjoyed a pretty level, reasonably interesting and shortish run/walk on a hot night through Cheapy’s new, and for now, home suburb managing to keep most of the pack together.

Back at the house our illustrious GM Commando called the Circle and introduced our Hare Cheapy who said she had set the run with blow-in(g) ant(z)s pant(z)s – some mysterious Harriette asked if she was wearing them or were they in them – what an interesting thought!

Visitors Half Way (Brisbane) and The Horror (Wanger??) were welcomed and downed their down downs in style. And returning to the Tuesday fold were Pumpy, Night Fill, Super and Jewells – welcome back girls lovely to see you all. Also joining them in the limelight was our latest new member Cecillia – so remember all you Harriettes keep in mind her antics and lets provide Cecillia with a new name sooner than later.

Hoping for a ‘light supper’ we eyed the cakes as they appeared for this week’s celebrations – oh my we’d a 750 (Roll On), 450 (Yo), 50 (Maid Muffin) together with Birthday cake for Camel and Crafty – well done everyone.

Xena wanted to pass on the Britches to Maid Muffin (or was it the other way round??) – something about Loo Roll and a connection to being height challenged – either way the whole thing got reversed!!!

But some people never learn MM tried three strikes to relieve herself of the Droopy Boobs with no success so they and she remained well & truly droopy until we got to the jokes!

Lost property charges went to Roll On for her shoes and Cookie – a drinking vessel – not sure which is more serious!.

Speaking of shoes Roll On suggested I charge Kebab for new shoes as she was fumbling with two pairs – one was likely new? I should of paid more attention from whence they came and went! Yep they were said ‘lost shoes’ and I got the charge – Many thanks!

Other charges followed with The Horror gaining two for steps, hazards and then a big F! hole; Roll On finally got another -something about a donation!

Night Fill got the biggest one of all for her treble whammy – sitting in then spilling her drink on the GM’s Chair before then stepping on the GM’s foot – some never learn!

Jokes were provided by Maid Muffin – a lonnnnng and superb rendition about Dave and a croc – well done MM; and Rambling for a much shorter one with a stunning punchline about a homosexual smoker – it was soooo good 🙂

Crafty ended the Circle with our song and we all trooped in for some of Cheapy’s delicious fare followed by all those cakes.

Post Script – In the car going home there was question again about said shoes – did they or did they not get left behind ….. again?????

Hee Hee – we’ll all have to wait for the next episode!

On On to St Patrick’s Day – Guide Dog