A great turnout for Sprinklers Run considering the terrible weather. My drive from Cannington saw heaps of trees down in fact one of the parks we ran through last week was pretty much a shambles with debri. Sprinkler unfortunately had her run arrows well & truly washed away but hubby Morphine went out & marked it again.

For some reason he was named Hormone by our GM & who am I to question why 😛

The weather held off so the run was fabulous with a drink stop of bubbles & orange juice thrown in for good measure….we even had beer wenches Dingbat, Topliss & Hormone aka Morphine in his tootoo much Tutu. After a quick “Flashdance” rehearsal for the Blue Dress Run it was back on trail with highly visible arrows & easy to follow blobs of flour.


No visitors this week but we had a down down ready for our returnees Cowpat & Gina.

Special Runs : Seagull for her 1369er & Cleo was presented with her gold foot for her 300th run…congrats all round.

Bitchy Britches: Dynamo was awarded the Bitchy britches for commenting on the size of Half Cuts shoes/ feet (let’s face it we must all have bigger feet than our little pocket rocket haha)

Roll-on & Wombat were given Thankyou Gifts for their awesome organisation skills for the Annual Harriette invasion of Rotto (Well deserved).

Droopy Boobs: Well deserved by Bumbo for calling “Hash Car” when it was the drink stop vehicle that was parked …yes parked & yes even parked on the path with the headlights on so the area was well lit for us. Tooooo funny.

Uh Ohhh a huge crash of thunder followed by big rain drops sent everyone scurrying for cover (luckily the circle was nearly over)

Birthdays, The Hashy Birthday song & down downs for Guide Dog & lucky Me……….delicious cakes presented to us & devoured by all.

We were reminded that the Blue Dress Run is at 7pm & the $15 cost covers your food, a donation & drinks. All clubs are supplying their own splash.

Best Dressed Prize on offer so go crazy ladies.

After circle we tucked into Sprinkler’s yummy food & had our usual fabulous Tuesday time.

OnOn to Blue Dress Run then My Run on March 10th.

Little bit of housekeeping re: my run. Plenty of parking in the street & around the edge of the park directly opposite from my unit. If you park on an angle heaps of cars will fit. Please do not park on the verge directly in front of the units coz there are Telstra junction box & water meters there.

The units are called & clearly signed Canning Parkside & I am second on the left number #47….there are only 7 in the complex but they weirdly have their own street addresses. It’s only a small place but I look forward to welcoming you to my ‘patch’

OnOn Cheapy