Hare/Co-hare Topless, Sprinkler, Juicy Clam
Visitors Juicy Clam, Allison
Returnees No returnees
New Members Lara
Special Runs No special runs
Birthdays No birthdays so no cake

69ers Bumbo – 269 (a very long 69’er)
Bitchy Britches Show Off has them but AWOL.
Sarge was a candidate – she said Banger and Liberty wouldn’t fit through a small gap. Probably need to call the fire brigade.

Droopy Boobs Sprinkler.
Zena called out Sprinkler for ticking her name off the wrong list. Sprinkler said she couldn’t see without her glasses – they were on her head !!

Charges Banger was charged for thinking Sprinkler had big boobs??
Cleo was charged for asking why Bumbo was getting 2 x 69’ers.

General Business: Wino’s Saturday 22/2/20 Brisbane Hotel.
Blue Dress Run 03/03/20 Beasley Park Reserve – $15 run, food and donation to Motor Neurone.
Special message to Super with our thoughts and prayers as her grandson Matt was in ICU.
Wishing Rambling a speedy recovery in hospital.

The Run It was a stinking 42 degree day and not much relief in Scarborough this Tuesday night. The pack gathered out the front, all dressed in red or their Chinese outfits. Topless said it wasn’t a long run and we headed out up and down the streets of Scarborough and wound our way to the foreshore where there wasn’t any relief from the heat. Along the beachfront the pack stayed together then headed up Scarborough Beach Road and up and down a few more streets to home.
Topless did a fantastic job of bringing Chinese New Year to the run with prawn crackers to start, chopsticks for everyone and a lovely explanation about the tossed salad she had prepared followed by a tasty chicken fried rice. We each received a gold coin chocolate and Confucius saying. Thanks Topless.
Cookie still managed a joke in her moon boot.
Next week’s run is in Duncraig at Nightfill’s daughter’s house. If its hot feel free to jump in the pool.
On On Nightfill