Out the front was called but it was a bit of an effort to get everyone out there, all a bit slow after the long weekend! We were told not to lose our visitors, Joker and Lisa and set off to a great run around the streets of Ballajura and the many lakes. It was a pleasant night to be on a run with some taking advantage of a dip in the pool before circle started.

Hares: Smudge, Feryl, Lisa and Davo
Visitors: Joker and Lisa
Birthdays: Aunty Val and Call Girl – fabulous cakes from Even Stevens and Stiffy
Bitchy Britches: Cheapy gave them to Showoff for being rude about her apparel. Showoff saying the bitchy britches looked a lot better than what Cheapy was wearing!
Droopy Boobs: Roll On and Guide Dog were able to pass on to Wombat, who was charged by OTT for confusion over who was going with who to Rotto.
Charges: Bumbo, Feryl and Smudge charged with lost property.

Best dressed Aussie from the theme of the night were Smudge, Bumbo, Brightspark, DJ, Dingbat and Yo.

General Business:
DJ informed us about Blue Dress run at Beasley Park, the rego is $15 which covers the run, food and also a donation to MND, as we are not rattling tins for donations.

Two emails have gone out regarding Rotto, don’t forget to bring a toilet roll.

Our fantastic Haberdash is organising hash bags, $41.

Our illustrious joker Cookie was up next with another great joke.

Crafty set us off in song…..Who wants to see a miracle.

On On to Topless’