Here we all were on a warm balmy night arriving at buzzing Tom Wright reserve. It was filled with a wonderful array of dogs, kids skating and people playing on the newly created courts. There, under cover and around the tables was the sound of all the happy and chatty Harriettes gathered for the 2158 run. Our GM sent us on our way to search for the path set by Xena and Cecile, our hares. We ran, walked and chatted through the lovely streets of Carlisle following our front runners Shorty, Wombat, Dynamo and Yo to name a few and enjoyed the winding trail. It guided us through the train station and a few parks with many false trails and checks to keep us on our toes. Back we were to the park, was it for a game of tennis? The refreshments were far more attractive and appreciated on this warm night. Our GM called the circle so the frivolity can start. First the hares Xena and Cecile had a down down for a great trail. Cecile thought it was time to join back in the crowd but the Visitors (Cecile and Sally) had their turn at a drink and a song. On to the Bitchy Britches, Show Off showed off the fetching piece but it seems no-one misbehaved!! I am not sure if it was said that there were no bitches or we were all bitches? Either way it is staying with Show Off.
On to the Droopy Boobs, there was a kerfuffle over who should be so lucky as to get the super sexy addition to their wardrobe, Suggestions were Shorty, Tip’M, Brightspark, Coaster and Maid Muffin! It never rains it pours! Maid Muffin won the battle for the boobs over her “skilful” building of her tent on the weekend.
We welcomed our new Harriette Alison, shall the name search commence!
There were some special runs, Cheapy 450 runs and Zippy 469 runs! Impressive ladies!
And there was a birthday, Xena turned 21 again!
Maid Muffin and Cookie kept us entertained with their witty jokes.
On the sound of “Who wants to see a miracle “our esteemed GM closed the circle and the Harriettes enjoyed their lovely dinner provided by the hare.
OnOn Sprinkler