Hare and Co-Hare: Nightfill and Pumpkin
Visitors: Nova and Kara (Nightfill’s daughters) and Mason and Abby (Nightfill’s enthusiastic grandchildren)
Returnees: Good Things – member (1979 – 1983); On Sec 1981; and GM 1982
Special Runs: 1000 Runs Coaster
300 Runs Cleo
50 Runs TWA
Birthdays: Smudge and STC
69’ers: Smudge (Nightfill’s grandson sure did get an education!!!!)
Bitchy Britches: Show Off was AWOL and still wearing them to do the housework but we had a few nominees:
• Topless charged Dingbat: Something to do with sitting on a Corona box bound for China!!
• Roll On charged Homey: On the run Homey, or was it Anyname – maybe both – called the mob ‘stupid old farts’ for not getting out of the way of the cars.
Droopy Boobs: Two nominees:
• Yo who was whistling ‘On On’ when there was no trail!
• Tickets – something to do with the difference between a Korean movie and a horror movie
The Droopy’s were awarded to Yo – based on the loudest cheer from the pack.

Charges: • Rotto Goddesses (aka organisers extraordinaire) Wombat; Roll On; Guide Dog; Kentucky; and Moose
• Feryl for buying a cake with her own money??
• Losers: Topless – lost cup Bright Spark – lost (not) comb
• Others: Tickets – because her hair was a mess Ball Breaker – tarting herself on a billboard, and without a hash shirt to boot!!!
About the Run: Out the front was the call on a very warm night (particularly for those of us who had just returned from overseas…………… aka Rotto).

The Hare, Nightfall called us out front and introduced her visitors – half her family it seemed and Good Things!! The instructions were that chalk was on the left and on the right, how considerate. We were also told there would be a quiz at the end to name the street that had a number of tennis courts and how many courts there were…..did anyone ever find out the answer to these questions???

The scenery through Duncraig was picturesque with lovely houses, a lot of which were long standing residences, which had been beautifully renovated.

The young, long legs of Mason sprinted ahead of most of us and overlooked the two bouncing bums rule, he thoroughly enjoyed himself!!! His energy and enthusiastic calls of ‘On On’ just made me feel tired!!!!

The arrows seemed to get fainter and fainter and then there were none. Shorty remarked that the Indians had stolen them. At 7:50 with the pack circling round and around looking for arrows, Hash Horn decided to lead the pack home along Beach Road. All home not long after the 8pm curfew to settle in, cool down, have a drink and a chat before circle and delicious meal of Lasagne and Salad and a multitude of cakes, rocky road and lollies!!

On On to my run at Tom Wright Park