It was La Fitz’s run and a short one to celebrate Shorty’s 1100th! …or so she says…
Great run though, lots of false trails, couple of small hills and some parks. Really well set and the perfect run for this runner to start running again
We all got back and after some nibbles and soaking of feet in the pool, it was time for circle.
I had forgotten I was doing write up so here’s what I remember!
We cheered the hare for a great run
Said hi to a couple of our visitors
Welcomed home some long time no sees
Someone tried to charge Cheapy’s visitor with the bitchy britches which then fell to Cheapy cause you can’t charge a visitor
We then went to the droopy boobs which were no where to be seen
There were some birthdays too! Even Stevens, Jewels and Leopard
Shorty got her bottle of something and glass for her 1100th run! Well done Shorty!
And Close to Me got her foot for 100 runs! Well done CTM
There were a couple of 69ers, Even Stevens and Sprinkler
On to general business and Yo gave us an update on a couple of hashers. Commando reminded everyone it was dirty 30s theme next week
Then on to some charges which caused by a combination of both memory and the amount of chatter in the circle (my goodness it was a loud circle this week!) I don’t know who got charged for what, but I do remember Shorty yelling at everyone to shut up at one point!
And then Cookie told us a doozy of a joke!
And on to who wants to see a miracle and a delicious dinner!
Great job La Fitz as always 🙂