30 December2019 Not the Kings Park Run
Reasonable turn out with 11 Harriettes + PHHH visitors Wannabe and Donka (Hamersley HHH- H4) , and an assortment of others. Hares sent everyone off with directions for the runners, the walkers and the short cutting bastards i.e straight to the drink stop .
Hamersley (H4) GM Sir Kumsize called circle and Hares Buttless, Screwy and Mr Wong called out for a DD.
Run got a general good report so, well done Buttless.
GM calls for info: How may Not the King Park Runs have we had…Apparently 3 and 17 actual Kings Park runs. I could not have lived without that knowledge for much longer…
Virgin runner Wannabe (wants to be a Harriette that is) also got a DD with someone else (obviously not as important as a future Harriette.
Returnees : a lovely young lad, Kevin 11 and possibly others but they were obviously not as entertaining as he was.
General Business was all the stuff we knew about i.e. Numbats 1500th, Mandurah 1800th and Perth 50th.
BraveFart from H4 and current Bridges GM, started talking (we think) Wise Crack (Freo) called out “we carrnot undersund yee” (no I cannot speak Scottish). GM called her out. Coming out prepared for an icing, but surprise surprise she was asked to put her drink on ice!! (got to keep it cold) and to please stand and interpreted for BraveFart . Her sign language skills were amazing !!. BraveFart , who had been rambling on about some Saigon trip then called a minutes silence for the sad passing of Glitz a long time Harriette of several clubs through the years but more recently Bridges Hash. RIP Glitz.
Jiggy (Numbats GM) charged Tip’m for something about getting the Piss, oops sorry Drink stop wrong. And it was a New Moon and not a Full moon so Tip’m had no recourse.
Blewhe charged Kevin 11…Hash is definitely a drinking club she says but his Tee said DRUGS !!!! Off comes the drug tee to display his every ready H4 Tee and then off with that (wise lad) and OMG we got a 6 pack. Blewhe was very happy to see he was fully reformed. 
Screwy and Meatman came out to give an act – H4 tradition it seems. Anyone would think it was totally their rock show. They were paying $ 200 for good stories. Someone, sure it was Meatman collecting his own reward, came out with:
The right thigh is Xmas and the left thigh is NYE which leaves very little to eat in between except if you take small bites it may last you. I was way too innocent to understand that.
GM’s were called out for a DD and each to do their song. Well done Tip’m for doing PHHH proud.
Long story short – Donka (H4) had signed the PHHH run sheet and when he latter checked the listing he finds his name is scribbled out. Why am I not on the sheet he says. Cause you have not paid your subs Hash Cash says. Ohh how much is that he says, $160 pa says hash Cash. Ohh, how much for a visitor. Well usually $15, but as we did not feed you and did not give you any piss so it is $5 for the run. He pays up. 
Jiggy came out for the Numbats song. All by herself, but being true PHHH we jumped in to help and sang, mimed the Numbat song with her.
Come the PHHH song we had Wannabe, Donka and Jiggy join in. Rousing rendition. Perth Harriettes rock…
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