RUN 2149 – 17th December – Christmas Run


The Sugar Plum Fairies had been in and organised an ample grazing platter and a delicious punch, decorated the hall and were ready to greet an amazing array of characters.

Costumes were amazingly creative covering such characters as Ebonise Scrooge, Mean Girls, Grinch, Nutcracker, sexy scrooge, elves, Santa (cause he has been in just about every Xmas movie ever made), Minion, reindeer, Debbie does the North Pole, Santa’s helper, Santa’s mum and the 1st Noel (loved that one).

The pack was called out, song sheets distributed and the live hares OTT & Sprinkler called On On. The run took the pack to the four corners of the world (park) where they stopped to herald the Xmas spirit with amazing caroling for the unsuspecting general population that would listen.

GM called circle and the hares OTT & Sprinkler came out for a well deserved down down. A good fun and entertaining meander was had by all.

No visitors but returnees Quokka, Maid Muffin and Liberty out for a drink to be welcomed back.

Aunty Val is called out and is congratulated on achieving 1600 runs. Well done Aunty Val.

Feryl is out for a 69er. She demonstrated true experience!!

Birthday girls – Zippy, Unravelled and Bumbo called out and presented with array of cakes. They all did a great blow job on the candles.

Topless charged for not having the Bitchy Britches. Her excuse was she was too busy watching movies and eating popcorn.

Unravelled nominated Rice Bowl for the Droopy Boobs. Charging that Rice Bowl needed specsavers. On the run she reckoned she could see the ocean when she was actually seeing the Darling Ranges off to the distance.

Ball Breaker, Tip’m, Topless and Dingbat were called out for disrespecting the GM and not paying attention and being such chatter boxes.

Moose was charged for having more ass out than Kebab. And Zippy had a near miss of being charged for the same reason. They all got a down down sitting and they all sat on Santa Ball Breakers knee.

Our resident DJ – Lone Ranger gave what is commonly called a “dad” joke.
Who delivers presents to baby sharks Wait for it….. Santa Jaws
?? From the ranks came –How did the butcher introduce his wife —- Meat Paddy. Nightfill chimed in with inspiration for Xmas presents – the best present in the world was a broken drum cause you Cant beat it. Sarge had a friend trying to get into heaven but St Peter said he had to do/have 3 things. Have
a candle and he brings out a lighter, something else about Jingle bells and then a g sting —Carols knickers.

Sarge led us off in song and then it was into a scrumptious Turkey and Ham Xmas dinner.

On On