RUN 2148 – 10th December – Kentucky

HARE/CO-HARE – Kentucky and Guide dog

VISITORS – No visitors tonight

RETURNEES – There were a few returnees, welcome back to Brightspark, we are all glad to see you are at least 51% better!! Looking forward to your 100% recovery. Also, Luxxe, Gorgeous, TWA Dingbat welcome back ladies.

SPECIAL RUNS- No special runs tonight

BIRTHDAYS – No Birthdays tonight, but next week we have 3

69’ers – No 69’s tonight but we have not forgotten you Feryl and will catch you on your return !!!

BITCHY BRITCHES – Unravelled handed over to Topless, something about a trip to kibbutz not sure what this is LOL- Show off, Dingbat & OTT are jealous as they didn’t get a Swiss man to pay for their trip. Topless said that Unravelled was too old.

DROOPY BOOBS- Topless handed her title to Unravelled , thinks they were just doing a switcharoo!!, for suggesting they return home by just following West Coast Hwy – doh!

CHARGES – Sprinkler charged Cowpat for making a drink stop at Liquor Barn instead of the Hash stop supplied. Cowpat swore she didn’t buy drinks but did order her favourite drink in.

DJ advised Subs are Due!! No subs then NO Christmas Party!!! Ho Ho Ho!


OTT announced that the OP Shop run will be changed to 23rd May 2020 as the 30th is a long weekend

Kings Park run is counted as a Hash Run on 30/12/2019

New Years Eve attendance , please advise DJ so she can cater for the amount of people coming.

RUN- With the run starting on time we head off up a hill after being told there were not as many hills as Guide dog wanted to put in. Great walk on a hot night, with a bonus of a beautiful breeze to cool us down from all this humid weather. Some of us got a bit lost and possibly made the run a little longer that intended, we all enjoyed and we eventually made our way back exhilarated.

After the circle Kentucky & her helpers laid on a feast of corn beef, coleslaw, potato salad, risotto, garden salad and bread rolls thoroughly enjoyed by all . The beautiful host even supplied chocolates for us sweet tooth’s who were missing a slice of cake.

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