HARE/CO-HARE Crafty and her lovely hubby Bill (Up at 5am setting the run, onya guys!)

VISITORS No visitors tonight

RETURNEES There was a few returnees, welcome back to Guidedog and Close to me. There was also a few pretend returnees in the shape of Sprinkler, Bluey and Wenchey who I suspect just wanted extra drinkies.

SPECIAL RUNS Congratulations to La Fitz for reaching 1100 hundred runs, an amazing achievement and to Banger for 500. Well done girls! I have to say well done to Oasis for the excellent cake she baked for Banger, delish

BIRTHDAYS Happy Birthday to Kebab! As Kebab hates cutting up cake for everyone, Anyname supplied lots of yummy individual mini chocolate eclairs and vanilla slices which were absolutely delish and I was informed by Anyname that she
got them at the freezer section at Coles. I’ll be right in there!!!

69’ers Cowpat reached 269 runs so she got to drink from that special 69er cup, well done

BITCHY BRITCHES Unravel got the britches for telling Camel she should be more thick skinned and she probably would not be so allergic to grevilleas. Unravel’s name seems to get nominated a lot for the britches. Hmm

DROOPY BOOBS Aunty Val handed over the droopy boobs to a well deserved Topless for sculling a bottle of champers just before a Crankers ride and guess who was unwell and could not do the ride? Yo questioned if what happened at a
Crankers should come up at Hash and was shouted down with “no rules at Hash”

CHARGES There were numerous charges flying around.
Guidedog dobbed in Roll on for having new runners. Roll on enjoyed/endured a drink from her sweaty shoe.
Sprinkler to DJ for singing the wrong song for Bitchy Britches
Reverse charge to Yo for charging Shorty for saying the committee will probably come to the xmas party dressed as Grinches, when in fact Shorty said the committee already had the Grinch costumes so probably would use
them to dress up, a different take altogether.

DJ said all subs are to be paid before the xmas party or you won’t be allowed in. Also NYE run at hers. Normal run and you can bring partners if you wish and its BYO drinks after 9pm.

The Entertainment book has gone digital and it is excellent for Xmas pressies. $70 of which $14 goes to Breast Cancer Association, a very worthy cause. An amazing $2000 has already been raised. See Zena if you want one.

The Salvo run raised $535 plus donations, many thanks to Shorty for all her efforts you do a fantastic job.

Finally Rambling did a grand job filling in for Cookie in the joke department and told a joke that had everyone in stitches.

Crafty and Bill put on a good, not too long run through the picturesque streets of the suburb of Yokine. It was a warm but pleasant walk and along the way we admired some lovely houses decorated with Xmas lights. We were welcomed back to Crafty’s with some much needed hydrating icy poles which were served by Bill a lifesaver!
After the circle Crafty laid on a sumptuous feast of cold meat and lots of delicious salads for everyone and there was plenty for seconds and even thirds! Yum! Yum! Yum! Well done and thanks Crafty and Bill

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