SALVOS RUN 26/11/19

The run at Beasley Park, Leeming, was well attended with members from nine clubs, Nigel Pitkin represented the Salvos for the 7th time.

Shorty sent us on our way, across the oval and into the trees then out the other side into a wonderland for scavengers, recyclers and opportunists. The streets were piled with junk of every kind – good junk and shit junk. Some folk, including Half Cut and Bumbo, found some treasures to take home.
We meandered through the suburb and I gave up counting FTs after 100. Leeming is a nice suburb and we saw plenty of it. Thanks to Shorty for another superb run.

Commando called us to order, and our two visitors Genevieve and Cecile come out for a down down, along with six Salvos Run Virgins. Next the GMs of Hamersley, Freo, Rocky City, Mandurah, Bullsbrook, SofP Numbats, Crankers and Friday Hash came up for a drink.
Several clubs shared news of upcoming events. Best to check the info listed elsewhere to get the correct facts instead of relying on my memory!
First up for charges were Halfcut and Bumbo for picking up mattresses and a noodle. Who said that Shorty had picked up all the good stuff when setting the run?
Anything, chauffeur for Rocky City charged for driving a vehicle that made it to the run, but had to be towed away. Spud spoke in his defence and the charge was reversed.
Kebab charged Replica, of Hamersley Hash, for serving low/no alcohol champers!
Kebab acknowledged those who had cum the furthest, and the hasher who lives just across the road came up for a self charge.
On on to the club songs which are always entertaining.

Hamersley brought forward a small red and white banner, claiming to have stolen it from the Harriettes about 20 years ago. But really guys, it was quite ordinary, and Harriettes don’t do ordinary. It was red, not pink , small not laaaarge, and I’m not convinced it is ours. Does anyone know the history of said banner.

Nigel (Salvos) came forward and thanked everyone for their generous donations which will be given to needy families in Heathridge and Merriwa.

Frivolities over, we continued with the drinking and eating. Thanks to our committee for a meal of chicken and many delicious salads. The Harriettes do a great job, and our reputation is well deserved.

See you at mine in Yokine next week. Bring your torches and water bottles.
Did I forget something? Oh Yeah. Well done Sarge, Tip’m and Kebab for being the butts of Meatman’s deadly joke. You did us proud.

On, on Crafty