The usual suspects gathered at Moolanda Park for the weekly gossip session. Sprinkler was seen strolling across the park from home – very local for her and for a few others.
At 7pm the pack was moved from the gazebo (and eskys) to the car park for instructions from hare Stiff Stuff and co-hare Call Girl. Most importantly don’t lose Roll On’s visitors Heather and Elaine!!
On On through Kingsley where the trail (and the confusion at some points) kept the pack together. The very special flour that we were to look out for (and according to Stiffy collect back up so she could reuse it in the gravy – I think that is recycling just a little too far) wasn’t spotted. We must have missed that bit of trail in the confusion. Still everyone made it home within an hour so all’s well that ends.

The usual hare and co-hare drink to start the circle was postponed as the hare was AWOL – something to do with dinner!
Visitors Elaine and Heather given a drink with just a little coaching from Roll On.
Returnees Jam Tart, Roll On, Luxxe and Xena where welcomed back in the usual manner.
Bitchy Britches – Unravelled had left them with OTT (as joint winners last week) and she failed to appear this week. Probably just likes the look of them so OTT gets to keep them.
Droopy Boobs – Topless nominated Aunty Val for confusing her and Knee Hi. BlewHe was quite happy to pass them along.
69ers Jewells and Unravelled both had reached that milestone although Jewells has done it a few more times than Unravelled!
Birthday girls Squirrel and Night Fill shared a cake made by the lovely Pumpkin.
General Business
Salvos Run next week. 7pm start at Beasley Reserve. $10 for the run. Don’t forget the non-perishable food donations.
Subs are due – almost overdue!!
Tutti Fruitti is collecting for Share the Dignity handbags
If you ordered a named cup they are available – see Smudge
Lost property from last week – a pink jacket – see Commando
Rambling charged Cookie for leaving us (lucky bugger going on holiday). Seems she wasn’t the only one with Luxxe BlewHe and Wenchy joining her for a drink.
Cheapie had a drink for complaining about only remembering the hash words to a song while out with her Mum.
Cookie had a joke about not being able to pay rather than perform.
Hares – Call Girl had to do a lone down down as Stiffy still AWOL!!

On On to the Salvos Run.