Cactus Run – Melbourne Cup
Hare Cactus – co-hare Shorty
There was no theme for this Melbourne Cup run, however many made an effort and dressed up with hats and fascinators.
With a good chunk of the committee swanning themselves on a Melbourne Cup cruise and going to Melbourne cup (Commando, Gossip Girl, Bumbo, OTT & DIY) it left the remaining committee multitasking, our stand in GM, Zip It, set the run off with directions from Shorty the co-hare. The run was good, well set (of course Shorty!), plenty of arrows.
Back from the run and the hare, Cactus, gave everyone a number and we proceeded to listen to the 2015 Melbourne Cup race with the winning horse being Prince of Penzance, number 19 winner goes to Aunty Val. Second place went to DJ and 3rd to Start the Car. Well done girls.
Visitors – Nicole (Cactus’ daughter) and Lena
Returnees – serious travellers Zip It, Wenchy & Blewhe
Bitchy Britches – Tip’m tried very hard to pass them on with 2 nominations but failed miserably – she tried for Kebab as she left the run and went to a drink stop at her bosses house and Sarge for thinking Halfcut’s dress was a bandage around her bum! Someone (??) also nominated Yo as she found Leopard’s mask that she dropped and thought it was from Halloween. Tip’m keeps them for another week.
Droopy Boobs – Yo handed them over to Blewhe as last week she returned from her holiday jaunt, thought would come to hash so went for a nap and set her alarm, however she set it for am not pm so missed run.
1169 runs Even Stevens – she showed the girls how to do it
Birthday – Oasis – happy birthday, chocolate and strawberry creation
Charges – Shorty on Wenchy for bragging that having just returned from 7 weeks holiday she is off again in 3 weeks to Mauritius – well deserved (charge that is)
Kebab on Anyname/Sarge for talking in the circle and Squirrel for looking on her phone in circle
Unravelled on Ballbreaker sitting like lady muck and bossing Halfcut around
Squirrel informs us that Halfcut’s hat a Bjorn something translates to Bear C…. – nice!

General Business
• Bring your Salvo’s donations
• High Tea 24th Nov
• Subs are due
• Share the Dignity – Tutti will collect from 22nd Nov
• Commando’s run next week – park on Powell or Short Sts as no parking on her street.