Wombat’s Halloween Run 29/10/19
We arrived to Wombat’s lovely but spookily decorated house and garden with spiderwebs and skeletons everywhere! I was particularly impressed with the carved pumpkin lantern – was that your handiwork Wombat?
The Harriettes were also looking a little spookier than usual, Homie’s mask was particularly frightening and DJ was rocking her standup spiderweb collar. I also think Wombat could definitely pull off long hair!
Good run – quite scenic with lots of decorated houses in the streets of Karrinyup. Pack kept together well, and just a few hills to keep our thighs summer ready!
Hare/Co Hare: Wombat and the lovely Mr Wombat AKA Paul!
Visitors: None this week . No 69er’s either!
Returnees: Welcome back La Fitz, Shorty, Show Off, Cowpat and Pumpkin!
Special Runs: Congrats Pumpy on 1050 runs – apparently she clocked them up in 31 years! Congrats Commando on 350 runs.
Birthdays: Happy big 6-0 to OTT! Delicious carrot cake made by Feryle and topped with a cheese platter – apparently OTT doesn’t do cake?
Bitchy Britches: Ball Breaker gave to Tip’M for suggesting the white mark on her dress was cum!
Droopy Boobs: Sarge gave to Yo for dobbing Ball Breaker in for saying Sarge was droopier than she actually was and not eavesdropping properly as she was actually saying Sarge had raised the droopy boobs up higher than usual!
Charges: Bright Spark charged Unravellled about a joke she made about someone throwing bread at them as “just getting rid of their dough!”
Yo charged Muffett for not looking properly for arrows!
Cookie and Cheapy had a charge for their jokes and we farewell Bright Spark and Guide Dog who are off travelling and Start The Car whose son is getting married- congratulations!
Dinner was a delicious chicken and vege pasta – so yummy there were lots of hungry Harriettes going back for seconds. Thanks Wombat!
On On Banger