RUN # 2141 WRITE UP 22 OCTOBER 2019

Hare/ Co:Hare: Camel (co-hare HUMP #2 haha!!!)
Visitors: Chardonnay (or was that CardBoardeaux)
Returnees: Crafty, Cheapy
Theme: TwoTwo (Tutu; TooToo)
Birthdays: Tickets – delicious pav by Stiffy was served later in the evening
Bitchy Britches: Sarge sooooo wanted to keep those Bitchy Britches; she waltzed into the circle, announced there were no contenders and waltzed back out but…….. Alas!!! Gorgeous told the sorry tale of Ball Breaker assuring her, ‘Even she would look ‘Gorgeous’ in a photo taken by her new, you beaut iPhone #22,’ (I think Gorgeous said it was number 2222 but that’s too many twos for our ‘22’ night)
Droopy Boobs: Sarge went on to earn the Droopy Boobs. Tickets tried to ensure Sarge the name on the scarf identified it as hers not the dirty state it was in. haha!!!
General Business: Money to Smudge for those luscious pink, named cups.
Salvos donations are being gratefully accepted from next week on.
WINOS: 24/11/19: Duxton – get your deposit or full payment to DJ ASAP.
1st Aid kit purchased on approval of Bumbo, christened by Oasis (Well done committee).
Sarge, Homey and Jewells were thanked for another fabulous Dunsborough weekend.
Coaster awarded the Angel Wings for organising donations for a needy family in her area.
Lost Property: Pink jackets, Torches, Condoms: feel free to make up your own story about them.
Joke: Cookie told another pearler about someone falling off their bike 7 times…. Damn it!!! I can’t remember a joke to save myself.
The Run: Camel’s instructions were on flour, chalk, the flat and not too long and she was pretty much on the money. We set off, on what was to be a well marked trail which occasionally fell foul of the ‘Sprinkler’ season, future Hares beware. Trail took us through the lovely suburb and bushland of Lake Joondalup. My fear of Spiders and their fibrous webs came to the fore. Usually, I’m very brave and follow someone taller but no such luck! I got an early Halloween costume…. Where is Shorty when you need her!!!
Speaking of Shorty, the one thing she taught me is always wait for hounds to come back from false trails/ checks so as not to lose anyone. I didn’t follow protocol and left 2 runners behind who then got separated from the pack and each other. It is very hard to hear the ‘On On’ calls and/or horn in bushland or on busy roads. As luck had it, they managed to get back to the pack as it swung back past them. This could have ended differently if the trail had continued away from them. Please be aware of the other girls, especially those behind you. Call loud and often and wait for an answer from them to ensure no one gets left behind.
As we regrouped and trail lead us through the Uni and past the Police Academy, (where Camel had discretely dropped flour bombs in the garden), Xena and I were stopped by security and asked to identify ourselves. “I’m Wombat, she’s Xena”, says I. He looked a bit befuddled and made sure we were just running through, though, Xena did offer to return the next day for one of the new, young officers to complete a body search but he said we didn’t pose a threat at the moment and wanted to keep it that way. haha!!!
The trail went through some lovely housing and headed back home to enjoy a delish curry and rice. Thanks for an interesting run and fun night Camel.

On On to my Halloween Run. Put on your most ghoulish face. We’ll use BB’s phone to take the photos and see how good it really is. Please park down the end of the road at the Sports centre.

Cheers Wombat