Run Number 2140
TIP’M’s “Oktoberfest” Run 15 October 2019

Run; OMG it was freezing!!! That wind!!
That didn’t stop our Dames in their cute little Dirndl outfits, and a few decked out in their Lederhosen, everyone looked so good goose bumps and all.
A great run through the highways and byways of Noranda with a drink stop in local park for some German Beer served by XYZ & Concord.
Back home Dame Commando calls circle;
Hare/Co Hare Tip’m, XYZ & HalfCut
Visitors Linda & Concord
Returnees Squirrel, TWA, DingBat
Special Runs Cactus 100runs, Tip’m 1050 runs – congrats girls
Birthdays Wombat wearing GM’s Princess hairband, no old birthday
hat for this gal.
69’ers Cookie 1369 runs WOW!!
Bitchy Britches TWA handed them over to Sarge for being RUDE! with Moose
as a close contender.
Droopy Boobs Bright Spark- something about photo shop job shared the
boobs with Moose for wearing a pirates scarf to a German
themed run.
Charges Tuiti Fruiti, DingBat & GuideDog for being Granny Nanny
Fannies. Tuiti’s daughter Jordana in the middle of fully
fledged labour answers a radio competition & wins $1000!!
Proud mama CTD gets a drink as her daughter What’s Up now
a Renal Specialist. Congrats all 😊
Squirrel for leaving the bush after three years and returning to the
smoke- couldn’t stay away from the Harriettes!
Thrifty has a drink with her 500 badge engraved.

General Business
Discounted subs !!!!
Smudge looking for interest in pink Harriettes drinking vessels.
Feryl has organised a High Tea – all the above in newsletter and FB.
Nosh looked pretty good with German sausages, sauerkraut, hot ratatouille & rolls.
Cookie took us out with a great joke and our song
Thanks Tip’m, great night.