RUN:- A big gathering at ROLL ON’S lots of Returnees.
Arrived with DIY nice and early, went inside to find UNRAVELLED doing her work and strapping up LUXXE’S Knee. Must be getting ready for a big run?
Most of the girls outside are catching up with JAM TART and a few of the returnees.
Still all talking it’s after 7 O’clock, No SHORTY to yell us out the front. DJ finally yelled loud enough at 7.05. ROLL ON says it’s only a short run?. We started off around the corner and up a hill to a false trail. AUNTY VAL & myself rounded the corner and ROLL ON tells us to go straight on. Trail found then we cross the road started looking for more chalk. ROLL ON sends a couple up through the top to the park. Trail found, then we find ourselves, walking and talking, BUTTLESS takes off with SPRINKLER in tow and then I believe YO nearly falls over a Honky Nut saved by ROLL ON. Only to later stop quickly at a curb and fell over & hurt her knee. Lots of False Trails as ROLL ON said and walkways. On we all go crossing another Park then up the stairs. HALFCUT, TOPLESS & I stop at the footpath in the park as we see MP has her shoe laces undone, she squats to do them up and had a bit of a spasm getting up, then we turned around to find MP sitting on log, with OTT helping her. All was ok, so, we walk on to find trail, SPRINKLER has a great big arrow to lead the way HOME.
Great run and the food was amazing, pies of chicken, curry vegetables and a chilli. Well done ROLL ON.

CO/-HARE’S: /Helpers Guide Dog, Moose, Kentucky. Kitchen Wench’s
RETURNEES: Topless, Bumbo, Halfcut, Maid Muffin, Jam Tart & Luxxe
SPECIAL RUNS: Seagul – 1,350 & Liberty 1,700 (WOW)
BITCHY BRITCHES: Unraveled. (Although GG Still has them)
DROOPY BOOBS: DJ has contenders: JAM TART :- Couldn’t remember what Harriettes look like on the run. C.T.D .:- Looking for Cider in front of her eyes. Seagul: :- saying the biscuits where hot & it was the cheese. Sam on Gorgeous :- saying that when she saw Pumpkin she thought she was a kid on a highchair.
Seems most of these where Charges and was decided the winner of the DROOPY BOOBS. Seagul
SPEECH: Banger gave a speech to Liberty for her 1,700 RUNS.
MARATHON DRINK All the girls that went to the Marathon Drink Stop called up for a well deserved drink.
CHARGES:- New Shoe’s – Camel & C.T.D.
Lost Property:- Leopard & DIY
Sprinkler & Mary Poppins sitting and talking behind the circle.
Roll On for not saving Yo while falling. After saving her already that night from falling on honky nut Yo gets the drink
Sarges gets Angle Wings . Forgot Why. ??