The Harriettes were eager to start this run, emmmm or maybe I was late??? Anyway we (Scottish crew) caught up fairly quickly following the arrows up and down the steep suburb of beautiful Coolbinia (many grand homes to be admired along the way). It was a lovely evening for a stroll as most of us do these days, runners are scarce and were nowhere to be seen by the time we engaged with the group. The run however proved to be well set and eventually we came all trickling in together. As usual there were nibbles upon arrival and nice wee glass of red to set the mood of the evening. To be honest the red was sorely needed as our choir mistress was awol and the stand in , I think it was DIY, well ……… yea , I love your confidence Sarge eventually jumped up to stir us on but again as honesty is one of my many virtues, confidence definitely overrides ability there , oops am I setting myself up for the britches, ha ha ha.

Commando took control and as usual we had a short and sweet circle, great job, (have I saved myself??)

Returnees Tip’m (away toooo long, glad to see you back), Call Girl (very brave in America solo) and Banger (feeling much better, I hope).

Special runs – 500 Thrifty – presented with a deconstructed rocky road, very creative and tasted good. Also received a fab sweatshirt with her favourite animal Cows, we are an odd lot.
450 – Stiffy. Well done girls you are both great members of the club.

Birthdays – DIY presented with ‘constructed’ Rocky Road from Commando.

Bitchy Britches – Cleo (1st time – my how has she managed this) something to do with TWA and Shorty at CTM’s run , I am sure this was warranted but I forgot my glasses and cant make out my writing

Dropy boobs DJ on TWA for answering her phone in the circle, I THINK

Charges : Seagul on CTD forgetting all the stuff
Yo – Picking up rubbish from the bring out your dead.
Scummie for dobbing in CTD and reminding everyone of how CTD got her name by chalking it out on the run.
Stiffy – environmental warrior, giving someone a serve for not picking up their dog poo.
Leppard for not being an environmental warrior and snorting bees from native plants. We need the bees Leppard !!
Guidedog charged herself, announcing she had become a granny for the 10th time. Congratulations from all, love to the new wee bub.

We were led out in song by Sarge ooohhhhhh my bleeding ears.

We had a lovely supper of pumpkin korma, delicious, there was plenty friendly chatter and banter flying around, another great evening catching up with pals. Great job CTD and Scummie, thanks for your warm hospitality.

On On