Perth Harriettes Write up
Run No 2135 – According to Cookie
Hare: Close to me / Dags
Dags stepped in to do a splendid job of run
“There’s an arrow under EVERY light. If there’s not you’re not on!!
I think there was but concentration waned after the first few.
Interesting trail around Padbury & he had even given the walkers a short cut home.
Visitors; Not sure who has any friends but Lindy was a visitor (friend of someone!) along with Sir Cumsize & Screwy & K.T who was given a DD as a returnee.
Birthdays: Buttless… And engagement Congrats to Her & Screwy for deciding to make an honest woman out of her.
Charges: Feryl on Smudge, for following her fat A… all the way , You have to follow someone !!
Cheapy on OTT needing a chainsaw… Is her bush in that bad a state?
Yo Adrian???someone’s hungry arse eating up their cheap knickers!!
Bitchy Britches: Cleo for forgetting to bring them. “they are home hanging out to dry”, G.G for saying Sarge is too old to get out of her chair. Pending as they weren’t there.
Droopy Boobs: No contenders OTT to keep.
Travellers: Zippy & Wenchy of to the U S of A for 7 weeks.
Crafty off to N.Z
General Business: Marathon drink stop 6/10/’19 see Shorty. This time a T shirt & hat I believe is on offer for Vollies
Sir Kumsize advertised Hamersley’s Cocktail Party Dec 13th, $65 all inclusive.
Of course, finishing with a rousing rendition of our song.
On On Cookie