With half the committee away doing whatever the remaining members did a fantastic job on
the run on Tuesday. DJ managed the start with great expertise as Cookie gave instructions
that the run would not be too long. The run wound its way around the streets of Martin past
large piles of ‘bring out your dead’ junk giving the girls great opportunities to be tip flies. Yo
and Rambling returned from the run with masterpieces that I’m sure they will treasured.
True to her word the run was not too long and included lots of checks and false trails to keep
the pack together. Cookie provided a delicious meal topped off with a yummy apple and date
pudding. Thanks Cookie.
Back to the house and circle where Tickets having returned to the fold after a 6 month
absence stood in as choir mistress, it’s good to have someone who can spur us all on to
remember the words.
DIY celebrated 269 runs by taken a long slow drink out of the dick – seemed to be enjoying
the experience!!!
Seagul celebrated her birthday today and provided us with a yummy chocolate gateau.
Charges were hard to find but DJ managed to pull some out :
Camel – for being so modest for the whole pack.
Rambling – for being a tip fly and returning with a dish for her chooks.
Yo escaped a down down for her tip experience!!!
Bitchy britches got to stay with GG in her absence.
Droopy Boobs –DJ awarded these to herself for arriving at the Bali airport one day earlier
than when her flight was due for departure……
Returnees were welcomed back into the fold – Tickets; Unravel; Blewhe; Thrifty.
Sprinkler was called out for a drink as she is off to the Eastern States to a STRONG
WOMAN competition – all the best Sprinkler.
Close to me has some lost property still to be claimed.
Yo has Rego’s for sale for China, Indo/Meekong and Taiwan HASH
Wino’s on Sunday
Volunteers for Marathon Run drink stop on 6 th October
Jokes were told by Cookie and Rambling and Unravel led the pack in our song.