Shorty’s Mansion – written by Kebab

‘M’ was the theme for our 2018 Ex-GM’s run – celebrating our 40th year of Perth Harriette’s hashing.  Time to share our memories with the members that have joined during the past 40 years.  Ex-GM’s looking fab in our new Memories – 40 years of Hashing t-shirt.

All sorts of ‘M’s manoeuvred their way to Shorty’s mansion.  Milling around the Midori punch and the poster boards of many photographic memories was Meghan Markle mixing with Medieval maids, mummies, Mary’s, mad Mexicans, men in black, men, merino, Merry Xmas, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Milo, Minions, Miss Marple, monkeys and other aMazing ‘M’ things.

On On was called and Harriettes meandered down to Kingsley Football Club.  A memory table of many ‘M’ items was set up and Harriettes were given a 2 minute peep (phones banned – good try!) and asked to store the items in their muddled memory banks.  On on for a bit of Mambo No. 5 musical motion.  Marvellous movement was modelled by Tickets and mastered by the majority.

On home to the tasty morsels of melt in your mouth Mexican Dips and Mushroom Dips,

Circle was called by La Fitz where she welcomed all.

Visitor:           ‘Minister’ Trudie was welcomed (apparently she had 20 minutes notice to be dressed and ready!)….. BB finally realised Trudie was out the front and was charged for being guilty of Men-o-Pause.  BB gave last minute down down instructions from her mate on the side.

New Members:        Shirl and Fiona (Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse) were given a down down for joining.

Returnees:   This lot finally reMeMbered to come back to hash:  Banger, Camel, Coaster (from visiting Deaconess in Canada), OTT and Shorty

New Shoes: Sarge (drank in the traditional way – straight from the sole!) even getting her hair wet.

Special Runs:          Congratulations to a magnificent milestone of 450 runs by Jam Tart (approximately 20 years in the making she said!)

Happy Birthday:     Rambling Rose celebrated with a song and a marvellous slice by our MasterChef Cookie

Charges:       BallBreaker for commenting that it’s a long time since ‘Merino’ Crafty was a virgin.
Sarge charged CTD for missing Sarge’s new shoes at Kentucky’s run.
CTD charged Sarge for not giving Jam Tart a drink and sitting around like a shag on a rock.
La Fitz charged re hemp oil but I mistakenly missed it.
Sarge charged Shorty for being MIA on the run and playing footy – apparently cries of ‘Shorty! Shorty!’ on the footy field were heard.
Faye (Mummy) got charged for a major wardrobe malfunction, to be joined by Call Girl (Meghan Markle) who had definitely split from Prince Harry on the run!

Christening: Faye’s charge continued with suggestions of being named – ‘Unravel’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Litterbug’ amongst others due to her Mummy costume falling apart and bits and pieces of toilet paper were found everywhere!  ‘Unravel‘ was chosen and christened she was by La Fitz.

Lost/Stolen: Miscellaneous treasure was left at Roll On’s Baby Shower Run. Half Cut claimed chair,
Property:       ‘Lorna Jane’ claimed hat (see Kebab), Aunty Val and Crafty also claimed items

Bitchy Britches:      Show Off for saying Sarge needed more splash in her hair to help her hairstyle…. and then giving her some!

Droopy Boobs:       Kebab had a 2003 memory of Sarge driving the bus on a Magical Mystery Tour to Meriden and leaving her in the Ettamogah pub toilet!  (1/2 hour later… the b*tches remembered she wasn’t onboard… when she had already walked halfway back to Perth!!!!!)

Memories:     Aunty Val shared a memory of the ‘good old days’ ‘when you could where they all jumped in the back of a McAllister tip truck, dressed as Santas, drove around the city looking for batteries for the camera, nearly ran over Tom (‘should have reversed’ said Tickets) all went home and got tipped out of truck!

Sarge shared memories of the 2008/2009 various calendar model shoots.  Particularly the ‘nude’ Rotto shoot and the night the shoot was in Sarge and Sir Thomarse’s bedroom and we all piled on the bed and then bed went ‘crack’.  Lots of laughter and Sir Thomarse came home to fun in the Futon! (special thanks to Steven Wise photographer for being wonderful and brave enough to work with us models!)

Rambling shared a memory of Marbelette up to no good with a Hammersley man, who she later married!

Best Dressed:         Miming Marcel Marceau (DIY) was amazing and won first prize – chocolate Moose Droppings direct from Canada (thanks Coaster) – lucky Moose was absent and couldn’t be charged!

Memory Game:        Out of 43 memory item possibilities our clever Harriettes came up with 53!  Not just some Harriettes, but nearly ALL of them!!  Sounds like some communal memories were going on or you girls need to keep drinking that mulled wine and splash coz you have aMazing memories (and mammories!)  Hmmmmmm

Well the Memory item powerball that would have sorted the men from the boys (so to speak!) was ‘Who got Moofy Crotch???

‘What is a Moofy Crotch???‘ they asked!!

Ramblin leaped from the back stalls with a marvellous rendition of ‘Aloyette‘ featuring our favourite line:  “How I love her Moofy Crotch!!

Sam and Pumpkin were deemed Memory Winners because they had ‘Muff‘ (possibly ‘Merkin‘ and ‘Minge‘ – yes even I didn’t have that one!!) and actually knew what a Moofy Crotch was!  Prizes of Moose Lolly Pop and Maple Leaf Lolly pop were awarded (also straight from Canada!)

M Joke:          A very funny pasteurised Milk joke was shared by Cookie.

La Fitz led us in our Perth Harriettes song.

Main meal of mouth watering Meatballs, Mac Cheese, Mesclun salad was

Sweets were made up of mini Magnums, Mars Bar slice, M&Ms, marshmallows and many many millions of calories.

A memorable night of magical mojos and magnificent mingling and meals – thanks to the marvellous Ex-Gm’s – you are magnificent!