Rollon’s Run for Lone Ranger Baby Shower

The Run

Firstly, apparently ROLL ON had little or nothing to do with it.

However it was at her home. It was nearly well set but GUIDE DOG, the hare was with us to give a few directions to walkers etc.

ROLL ON’S  instructions were to take the run around the block, at least that is what she told  GUIDE DOG to do via Text !! And she saved the text as evidence.

We ventured much further than that but it was such a lovely evening for a run, stroll & chat that no-one minded the extra distance.


ROLLON & GUIDE DOG were given their mandatory D.D

FREEBIE was a visitor to support the family & PAT DOWN (from way back) & Fiona & Cheryl were also visitors D.D’s for all.

JAM TART was welcomed back after “globetrotting” should it be globeracing now she has a horse !! SQUIRREL, on her vacation from Narrogin, & BRIGHT SPARK  returned as well D.D’s for the returnees.

STIFFY got her 400th reward albeit a little late & THRIFTY has done 450 D.D’s for both.

CLOSE TO ME, COWPAT & RAMBLING have aged another year. D.D’s. Cake later.

ROLL ON must love the Bitchy Britches as she nominated herself for taking the Mickey out of GUIDE DOG, about her instruction following I believe, sometimes the banter is faster than the pen!

Bitchy Britches:  ROLL ON felt bad for making fun of her Co hare:  GUIDE DOG, so she charged herself for being a Bitch.

Droopy boobs were given to Kebab after much dilly dallying between Leopard who can’t read fb instructions, GUIDE DOG for reverse Dilation markings on run, Knee Hi was also in the Mix.  Kebab was dressed as a baby, so it was amusing to see Baby with Boobs!

RICE BOWL made a great speech to LONE RANGER You had to be there !!!!

ROLLON on LONE RANGER if you want something done right do it yourself.G.M on SHOW OFF. Confusing facebooking & texting

ROLLON on GUIDE DOG leaving foot behind last week

SARGE was charged for playing Mum & giving instructions ( a permanent charge here?)

KEBAB on LA FITZ for abandoning her babies on the footpath. It was her Baby Shower as she had them all on a n umbrella clever take on the theme.

General Business.

Hi Vis shrts for winter see TUTTI FRUITTI.

Our very first Harriette G.M. COWPUNCHER  has passed away Sad News.

XGM’S Run next week, Theme is M.

Take it away with our Song

Yummy meal to follow and a Birthday cake or two

On On