Run No. 2062 – 11 April 2018 – Joint Run with Numbats at Heathcote


Our second joint run with the Numbats and their turn to host.  WELL DONE, HARRIETTES! Nearly 40 of us turned up on a WEDNESDAY (their run day) at Heathcote in Applecross for a 6.45pm start.  Great location and beside the pirate ship, which has been recently renovated. A cool evening but delightful temperature to walk/run in.  The ON ON was called and we set off around Applecross and marvelled at how the other half lived. We ambled past Applecross Primary School, along Glenelg & Giarloch Roads and through a lane down to The Strand by the river.  And then up a steep flight of steps to HOME. Mary Poppins was in deep conversation planning a trip to Greece with Lynn (aka Grandma), an old Numbat who had returned to hashing after many years.  The Numbats were great hosts – nibbles before the run;  a lovely meal of chicken & salads (what a spread!);  and lollies/chocolates for dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed their take on the Circle and Too Nice (their GM) & Spread’em (their RA) were so entertaining.  Many thanks to the Numbats for a great evening – hope it will continue next year.


CTD and Rice Bowl were called to help in the Circle but I think Too Nice & Spread’em (in her nifty sexy little Police outfit) held the limelight:


Joint Hares:  Cookie & Too Nice

GM Charges: Too Nice charged CTD (because she can!) and CTD charged Crafty (why not!)

Returnee to Numbats:  Cruella (given a snazzy pink t-shirt)

Visitor to the NumbatsLynn (aka Grandma), who was also given an additional charge for being an old member & not attending for many years.

Visitors to the Harriettes: Catherine, Marcella, Jennifer & Liz (hope to see some at Rocky City next week).  We won’t count their runs until the Joint Runs end.

Our 40th Anniversary: CTD extended an invite to the Numbats to our 40th.  Much laughter about one of their members and we have been given the challenge to offer a seat to her in one of our cars!

Moles & F**kwits:  Their equivalent to our Charges!  Harriettes called out: Wombat (for a no-no on the run),  Dingbat (for not attending Hash) & Head Banger (for not introducing her visitor to the GM).

In honour of the Commonwealth Games: Shorty (an ex-Numbat) BRONZE; Rocking (a Numbat) SILVER; and Tickets (GOLD)

Our Stiffy & Pav (Numbats) were joined together like twins in a giant elastic band – Stiffy (‘cos she makes pavlovas) & Pav (‘cos she joined Numbats at the time of the great Matthew Pavlich’s 300th game)

100 Runs for the Numbats: Scribbler (given her mug)


The Circle ended with a Cookie joke and both Hash Songs.


And Thank-you to those who donated to Rocky City’s upcoming Pink Breast Run.  Hope to see lots of Harriettes at their annual fundraiser next week.  Xena has Entertainment Books for sale and will bring to the Pink Breast Run as she is joining forces with them in the fight against breast cancer.



Rice Bowl