Run 2061 Yokine Reserve Crafty by Tutti Fruitti

Hare/Co hare: Crafty and Bill

Visitors: None

Returnees: Buttless back at hash after her hip replacement nice to see you back running. What a great recovery positive mind and attitude.😊😊

New members: None

Special runs: None

Birthdays: Show Off thank you Crafty for the yummy cake 😊

Bitchy Britches:  Aunty Val passed them on to Crafty after Show Off commented about lack of candles on the cake which Crafty then replied the cake wasn’t big enough to put all the candles on.

Droopy Boos: Knee Hi keeps them no contenders.Knee Hi went to Thailand and had a boo job done on our Droopy Boos great job Knee Hi.

Charges: Tip’m travelling around Australia for 4 months safe travels to you both.
Kebab seen taking Layla to the toilet now this is really taking toilet training to the next level.

About the run:
What a gorgeous night for a run in Yokine no breeze. Our hare sent us on our way heading across the park  and thru the streets of Yokine lots of checks and false trails.
Notice it is getting dark very quickly now start bringing your torches to hash.
Back to the start circle held and on to the yummy silverside and lovely salads.
Thank Crafty and Bill a great night .
Blew-he gave out the flyers for the weekend for our 40th Year Celebrations weekend away 14-15th July
Numbats run next week Wednesday start 6.45 Heathcote Reserve
Rocky City Pink Breast Run 17th April
Tutti asking for donations for April Share the Dignity collection for sanitary items for homeless women and girls. Tickets mentioned menstrual cups I noticed this morning Share the Dignity put a post on Facebook regarding this.😊
Cookie had a joke for us once again I can never remember them the next day 😂
Our choir mistress got us  into song with who wants to see a miracle.
On On to next week.