Run 2060 at Kentucky’s 27 March 2018.


We met at Kentucky’s on Leach for our Easter run.  Lots of bunny ears and a few pretty hats. Shorty was having a bunny rest until 7 o’clock when we were summoned out the front. It looked like we were heading for the coast, but no, it was northwards up and down the hills of Cliff Street.  A good work out, a few C’s and FT’s and then to Guide Dog’s for a welcome port and lemonade.

No bunnies in a hurry to leave the watering hole, but we eventually got under way again.  Camel made an abrupt stop at a wooden barrier but no damage done too either her legs or the barrier. On on through the streets of Marmion, out to the coast and a pleasant bunny hop south to Ozone, and back home for dips and chips and drinks, of course!

Kentucky, resplendent in the Virgin’s gown, and her co-hare Roll On, came out for a down down.  Visitor Glenda and returnee Banger were called up.

We celebrated with Home James who has done 1050 runs since April 1990, and Camel who has done 550 since October 2001. Jewells provided a yummy cake with enormous numbers in lights for photos with Homey, and quickly reconfigured the numbers for Camel (give or take 50 runs.)

Birthday cakes for Banger and Kentucky but no numbers on those !

CTD tried hard to get someone with new shoes, but no luck this time.

Bitchy Britches went from Dingbat to Aunty Val (who according to Topless) suggested Topless should be called Legless.  Topless had previously tried to give them to Camel for something that Cowpat said ! Never seen a camel look so surprised !

Droopy Boobs were AWOL with Knee Hi.

CTD called Guide Dog up for organising a fantastic WINOS at Phi in Northbridge.  A good turnout and lots of good fun and photos. See facebook.

Blewhe dobbed in Wenchy and Coaster who are both going overseas shortly.

Show Off charged Sarge for casting aspersions on her “angel” status. Best you look at the conversation on facebook. Thrifty also charged Sarge for giving her a raffle ticket number 95, and then making an unkind comment about age!

The above mentioned raffle of a big basket of assorted Easter eggs full of calories for your teeth and hips, was drawn by the wind.  Yes, drawn by the wind. And the winner was Lone Ranger and her passenger. Thanks to the Committee for donating all their eggs.

Super told a good story about a Rotto weekend some years back.   ‘Someone’ broke the number one Rotto rule, and walked home alone.  Knocked on the wrong door and demanded to be let in, much to surprise of an unknown family. Shorty saved the day.  The moral of the story : Never leave the pub alone after a bottle of gin! And the culprit was Roll On.

General business was about upcoming runs.

Next week at Yokine Reserve, bring you chairs, toilets close at 9pm, and no dish washing facilities, sorry. So bring a plastic bag to take your dirty dishes home please.

April 11th Wednesday, joint run with Numbats. April 17th Tuesday at Rocky City Breast  Cancer Fundraiser. Keep July 14 & 15 free for our 40th celebration.

Who wants to see a Miracle? We all do.

On on to Chilly Dogs. For those that couldn’t make it, imagine a fresh hot dog bun, a tasty sausage, pour over some chilly con carne , dress it with cheese/sour cream, add some salad, and enjoy.

Thanks to Virgin Kentucky for a lovely venue, good run, and great food.

On on to the next one.