Lots of eager hashers turned out for HomeJames’s run in the leafy suburb of Karrinyup.
It was a good run with plenty of false trails that mostly ensured we all got back home together.
During circle time HomeJames paid tribute to Wombat for being her co-hare and how she is always ready to “step up to the mark” to help anyone who needs help – of which we are all very grateful.
Our visitors were Glenda McPharlin and Bev Ham – hope you enjoyed the walk.
Dynamo was a returnee after I’m guessing being away on holiday to Bali as I heard her being called “Bali Girl”.  It was good she returned as she celebrated 300 runs and received a photocopy of a gold foot – the real one is on order.  Also congrats to Bumbo for achieving 200 runs.
Pumpkin and Mary Poppins both sported matching tiaras in celebration of their birthdays.  Mary Poppins was given some yummy choices with little umbrellas stuck in them and Roll On was impressed and I heard her say “someones been very creative”.  Pumpkin got a delicious home baked cake.
Leopard and Ctd were our 69ers and had to drink from the dreaded containers!
Dingbat retained the bitchy britches as everyone must have been on their best behaviour – so no contenders.
The “droopy boobs” passed to Knee Hi from Half cut as she was heard saying during the run “look! an arrow”.
Super was charged because she was backing her  car out and Zena and Zippy were behind and she told Zena “you can go but Zippy, stay there”.
Ctd announced in the circle the Blue Dress Run raised $1144 for Motor Neurone Disease.  A massive effort everyone!  Well done!
Thank you HomeJames for a great run and sumptuous roast dinner that was enjoyed by all, you are amazing.  Also congrats on your upcoming 28th Anniversary, due in April 24th, on joining the Perth Harriettes.(For those trying to workout what year she joined it was 1990!)

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