RUN # 253     Wee Moose’s Wondering Wander 6 Feb 2018

Setting a run in the same street as a cop shop?? That’s one way of keeping us sober (and conserving the splash supplies).

On into a lovely back garden shaded by a mouth-watering variety of healthy citrus trees. “Help yourselves to the lemons on the tree but please don’t take the ones in the bucket” THAT 20 litres were for Roll On to take for Whiskey Sours at Rotto – (which explains many of the Facebook photos!)

On On to the oval then the trail was lost before the first check. Possibly sprinkler damage? Possibly should have gone to Speck Savers? Scouts were out in all directions but the only trail found (by wide ranging Shorty) was obviously the On Home. It was thus decided by some old hands to run the trail in reverse. (Not that ground breaking! It has been done before).  So, the call became “No-No’’ instead of ‘’On-on’’. This back to front system confused many souls especially navigating false trails and checks. I don’t know for how long or how far everyone went but we last walkers came in at 8pm.

Thanks Shorty for waiting for us and seeing us safely home. And to Moose for a fun night and a great meal.


Visitor – Jeanine (sorry if I’ve misspelt it) – She’s got a surprise coming, says she’s coming to lose            weight!

ReturneeKnee Hi – Only offered mysterious winks as her reason for absence

New Members – Bags were presented to Luxe and TWA – welcome girls!

Special Runs – 800 runs for DJ – Bewdy!! And thanks for the ’’I don’t cook’’ sweeties

BirthdaysDynamo – now she looks 13 instead of 12

69’ersClose To Me – only know the number ended in 69 – but went down easy!!

Bitchy Britches – passed on by Sarge who charged Close To Me for lying about her 69er prowess – ‘’There’s NO way she could breathe through a 69er!!’’

Droopy Boobs – to Guide Dog for remedying a wrong turn by REVERSING on a HIGHWAY going home from Rambling’s run

Charges Ball Breaker on Luxe for not wearing a hash shirt.

Kebab on Ball Breaker for a false charge since she knows that Luxe comes from Hamersley where she serves drinks in their trailer and doesn’t need to wear a shirt for that!!

Big Pencil and other charges to beleaguered On Sec Blew He for –

1.Technical problems affecting the newsletter generation

2.Crediting DJ with 80 not 800 runs in the newsletter

3.Forgetting to charge the hash camera

A voice of reason commented – “Leave her alone or she’ll retire!!’’

Roll On’s last advice to those going to Rotto – ‘’If you haven’t got a smile on your face, don’t come!’’