Run # 2050                       16/1/18                             Hare: DIY ably assisted by Wenchy

It turned out to be a beautiful  night.  DIY had obviously had some influence on the weather gods and the rain from the previous day stayed away .Everyone there early and set up their chairs in the spacious backyard.  Please close the gate and don’t let the dog out.  At seven we all gathered outside for run instructions, it’s on chalk mostly on the paths and on on to the right.  After a time the runners got runners well ahead and out of sight, and some of the walkers had shortcut home. The remainder managed to walk the whole trail in a little over an hour.   Upon arrival the runners and shortcutters were well into the drinks and had consumed most of the nibblies, and made themselves at home.  A good run, well set if a bit long.


The circle was called and first up was our visitors, Lux and Screwy again.

Then returnees, heaps of them, Squota, Cowpat, Misbehaving, Kebab, Banger, Oasis and Stiffy.

Wombat was called out for her 550 run and a very special run Sam 1100. Cakes presented.

Our birthday girl Suction, waited a very long time for her cake made by Leopard.

Bitchy britches stayed with the absent Ballbreaker.

Droopy  Boobs to Tutti Frutti for trying to burn her house down by leaving a pot of food heating on the stove while she attended the committee meeting.


Contenders  for the pen passed from Seagul to Cookie to Blewhe for not getting the emails of the write up.

Levi for phone going off and she actually answered it.

Wenchy – DIY . She had a day of sucking and blowing

Guide Dog- Leopard for not being able to find the hot plates and then not knowing if they were gas or not.

Guide Dog – Kebab. Saying Blind dog is leading the guide dog.

Lost property  claimed by Camel, Cookie, Bumbo, Sure glad these girls own more than 1 wineglass.

General business. Wino’s 27th January. See Roll or Moose.