Run#2045 – 12th December, 2017 –

I would give the Run a 10/10 if I do say so myself. Got some feedback that the ladies enjoyed the scenery and might just venture SOR more often?  Few false trails were lost due to being washed out but hey we all made it home safe so that’s the main thing! Everyone seemed to enjoy a hot dinner and no one complained about the vego meal.

On to the circle. Roll on and myself were up for a drink for being fabulous Hares. Stiffy was up for returning to hash. Mary Poppins celebrated her 700th and a massive thank you to DJ for opening a few bags of lollies for the occasion. No birthdays but Thrifty did bring us some goodbye Rocky Road as she is off on her travels next week. My husband particularly enjoyed this when he got home. Guide dog is holding onto the bitchies for Leopard but I don’t know why? Guidedog handed the droopy boobies to Ricebowl for not seeing? (not sure what that’s means, Roll ons notes are not very comprehensive).

Onto the Charges:

Thrifty was farewelled for her 5 weeks travels. We wish you safe and enjoyable travels. Cowpat is away for 5 weeks also. Roll on was charged for forgetting the horn. Topless for not calling and BB for being good? I thought we only got charged for being bad….

On on to the Christmas run next week. All I want for Christmas theme….. Ive got a few ideas!