Hare/Co Hare, Guide Dog, Frank, Roll On,Moose, Kentucky and maybe even Lone Ranger. so many hares for one run.
Returnees: Blewhe six weeks of travelling to China,Japan South Korea,Malaysia and back to Australia nice to have you back On Sec. Shorty back from Cooma visiting her family over on the east coast Headbanger and Suction.
Birthdays: Rice Bowl lovely birthday cake made by Coaster yum. Oasis happy 70th birthday beautiful cake made by Liberty and Phoenix with a beautiful cake from mum Bright Spark.
69’s: Dingbat 69 runs everyone reckons Dingbat has all the experience practicing with all her toys. Ha ha
Bitchy Britches: Lone Ranger called some of the ladies losers for not doing all of the run.
Droopy Boobs: Bright Spark for asking was tonight a dress up run.
Charges: Half Cut for leaving her chair behind at Mp’s run. Me for taking a call in the circle. Shorty for also doing 1000 runs with Saturday hash. Well done Shorty.
About the run we had a game at the park with water and balloons four groups. Then we had a treasure hunt to find the horse’s blanket whip horse head and the horse’s shoe. lone ranger’s team won happy days that was the team I was on we all got some lollies.
About the run:
The winner for the 1978 Melbourne Cup was Arworn the horse came from Nowra and Nowra spelt backwards is Arwon.
Tip,m team won the horse water and food game.
Half cut said any route is a good route.
Cookie I think finished with a joke I now can’t read my writing. On on ladies to 8 Tulip Place Dianella