Mary Poppins run according to Guide Dog

Just as well it was Halloween & we were semi-incognito when we scraped in as the pack was being gathered & instructed by our illustrious GM, CTD & this evening’s Hare, Mary Poppins (who for once didn’t look quite so innocent – what was in store for us we may well ask!

The bonus of car pooling with Moose & her cargo of double splash almost didn’t pay off as we were ousted from the driveway by Bush Ranger. Thankfully he was just being thoughtful (unusual in a man especially a Hash man but very welcome all the same!) – “It’s easier to get the Eskies out when your on the flat” he advised with the voice of experience – brilliant thought – thanks BR , here’s to you  !

Having loaded this helpful hash soul up with two Eskies and numerous bags Moose & I set off to find the rest of the girls following instructions to “go that way & catch the tail end!”

Not sure who was more surprised – we were so speedy we convinced ourselves that we’d missed them with not a Runner, Horn, On On nor even a Whistle in earshot. Patience paid off however & we were delighted to scare the living day lights out of the front walkers – there were definitely no runners! One problem with that only dawning on us as we walked every (and I mean EVERY false trail) & trust there were a fair number – thanks again BR!

Trust me, do not wear a painters all-in-one garb as dress up on a balmy Hash night – the trail seemed never ending or was that related to a comment from Mary Poppins early in the run – “If the girls keep up this pace they won’t get back in 2 hours let alone 1″ Thanks MP! A thought crossed my mind as had to disrobe part way through the ‘walk’ that Lite’n’Easy, Jenny Craig & all the Gyms in Perth could go broke is if we all donned the garb during any exercise -no kidding – you could waste away in no time!

With the bright lights of the city to entertain us, very impressive homes, what seemed like every hill, a few well marked chains too obviously arranged by MP for the benefit of one very brave but wary Cow Pat, not to mention those ******** FTs, most of the pack made it home.

Somehow I found myself amidst a lone few stragglers including Sprinkler who in her wisdom consulted Google about the way home – she must have had her phone upside down or couldn’t tell left from right as we found ourselves taking a short cut & walking against the arrows 😳lucky she didn’t have a name change cast upon her. Even luckier Leopard & I vetoed Sprinklers decision & we fell in through Mary Poppin’s gate to empty nibble plates, barely in time for the circle & to calls of did you only just get back!

The Circle was called and up came our Hares – Mary Poppins & Bush Ranger, followed by ‘Visitors’ Sjoppy  (who has been AWOL for far too long) & Jill.

Returnees; Sprinkler, Barra Cougar together with intrepid travellers DIY & Wenchy – who had only just flown in from Korea – completed the quartet – no wonder we didn’t have even 1 Runner – Wenchy please catch an earlier flight next time!!!

No Special Runs to celebrate but Jam Tart being such a special girl has lots of friends & was presented with another enormous Birthday Cake from the kitchen of Home James & enjoyed another Down Down & Birthday song. Thanks Homey!

Bitchy Britches flew through the circle on a broomstick from Kebab to Coaster for her comment that Cow Pat didn’t need to go to such extent with the make up for tonight.

Stiffy deservedly received the Droopy Boobs for replying to the offer of a car pool, not only did she do that 3 hours after the message was sent but in the Circle & in the presence of the sender – surely a double ‘sentence’ there: 🙂

Charges included :

Mary Poppins for her late write up (that’s why I’m banking away frantically at this!) – Big Pen Award

Dingbat, Tickets & Tip’M for their constant gossiping in the Circle

Sprinkler for going the wrong way with Google & a late call on Jammy for talking so much while we were charging the others!

Reminders for Melbourne Cup:

Sweepstake $2 & $5 available through Roll On & Lone Ranger

Theme ‘RECREATE ’78’ as we move into our 40th year.

Cookie rounded the evening off with a joke about a raise – something to do with cook better, clean better, better in the garden the latter somehow relating to the Gardener

Cow Pat led us in our song & we all enjoyed Haloween Toasties & delicious Pumpkin Soup.

Thanks Mary Poppins

On On to the RECREATE ’78 – MELBOURNE CUP in Sorrento

Guide Dog