Leopard and Topless teamed up for this run, setting a great trail even though it was interrupted by Cow Pat falling foul of a chain across the path in the park. Someone should advise the council how dangerous these chains are, even in daylight. Even so, the run/walk around Innaloo was enough for those of us who headed home for drinks and nibbles. Top marks to the first aiders who helped Cow Pat get to hospital for treatment.


GM                      Stand-in GM GUIDE DOG called the circle, no need to shout as we were all within arm’s reach.

Hare/Co-Hares  LEOPARD, TOPLESS – great run

Returnees          TIP’M, EVEN STEVENS & GORGEOUS

Birthdays            TICKETS, DMD & JAM TART – happy birthday girls – cakes all ‘round with TICKETS stealing the show by getting creamed by Stiffy’s pavlova cake as it slipped and slid around on the tray – twice!

Britches              BALL BREAKER passed these on to KEBAB for trying to associate the Hare with the chain incident.

Droopy Boobs   SHOW OFF passed these on to CLEO for making some comment last week about AUNTY VAL’S baby – I don’t think so 😊

Charges              KEBAB for doing a good impression for Herk Bear but really it was just a bug that lost its way

PHOENIX for making good use of her recent First Aid refresher course and WOMBAT for running back to get the car and milk – angel wings were suggested

XENA – something about a dreamy pearl necklace


General Business            GORGEOUS misplaced her torch last week – check your bags

DING BAT is having an Open House Friday 27 Oct to off-load some interesting merchandise from Barbarella’s

OTT is having a birthday lunch on Friday 3 Nov

Bring $2 or $5 for Melbourne Cup sweep next week

JOKE delivered by COOKIE ended the circle with lots of laughs


Delicious Empanadas – Argentinian pastie-shaped meat-filled pastries, home-made by Leopard

Thank you, LEOPARD, for putting in so much effort. MP