Close To Me’s  run according to Jam Tart      Run #2036

10th October, 2017

Despite it having rained during the day, it was a beautiful night for a run and the rain stayed away.  It was a very well set run by our Virgin Hare, Close To Me and co- hare Dags.  The trail was well marked with LONG arrows but did some have a 4 on them??!!  Sarge & Show Off fast walked past all of us with their hiking sticks!!   Upon returning, Wombat commented that it was a great run!!  No visitors tonight so we were all sent off on our way!


The pack came back after about 55 minutes to some nibbles of dips and biscuits and of course a drink or two!  The circle was then called.  There were no new members, special runs or visitors.


Hares  –  Virgin Hare Close To Me & Dags


Returnees  –  Sarge, Show Off, Ball Breaker, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cowpat, Lesley, Tickets and Mary Poppins.


Birthdays  –  Wombat (for Friday 13th October).  We all enjoyed a lovely iced carrot cake made by Coaster and presented by Thrifty (as Coaster was stand in flash)!  Very yummy indeed!!


Bitchy Britches  –  Kebab had them and passed them on to Ball Breaker.  Ramblin’ nominated her for saying that Roll On walked like a duck!!


Droopy Boobs  –  Jewels had them and presented them to Show-Off & Sarge (they had one boob each).  They had them for bringing their ‘walking sticks’ they used on the Camino Trail to a hash RUN!


Down Downs  –  DIY, Commando & Sarge as they are heading off to Korea for Pan Asia!!  Sarge & Show Off who are just back from the long, long, long Camino trail for showing off with their ‘walking sticks’!


Charges  –  I can’t read my writing now!!  Think it says Sarge, Wombat, DJ & Roll On for talking in the circle.  Dags for putting a 4 on the end of the arrows!


General Business  –   GM gave us news that Ethan is doing really well and has had his first bath – great news.  Zippy is going to join Camel for a much needed break at the Melbourne Cup – have fun girls!  Jewells reminded everyone who is going on the bus to Dunsborough that it is leaving Sarge’s place at 1pm –

TO BE ON TIME.   Coops is organising a trip at Interhash Fiji called Whale;s Tales and if you want to be on it (places limited) put your name down!  A reminder that subs are due.


Our song was sung and then we all tucked into a lovely meal of Curry Chicken and Rice.  Well done Close To Me and Dags!!



JAM TART    to my run on 17th October at 79 Grand Promenade, Karrinyup.