Run No. 2028    Hare:  Cookie             Location: Gosnells Rd Martin

Date August 15th 2017


A great roll up to support Cookie who travels so far

We thought we were going to the end of the earth

So to Cookie goes the Golden Star

As she travels each week to the other side of Perth!!


So the run was uneventful

Runners had their exclusive trail and walkers set off in the opposite direction

Cookie you must have too much time on hands, on just because you’re wonderful

To cater for everyone with more than one option!!


Walkers enjoy their walk and talk

To chatter incessantly not looking for chalk

Runners? well didn’t see them all night

But under an hour the run was just right!!


Our new GM CTD did a great job

In a small space controlling you mob

And Choir Mistress with a big act to follow

Had a folder of songs, we should all get to know..


A brief history of Cookie as a prelude, a member of 37 years

Hi to our visitor Gossip Girl, so noisy GM was gunna box her ears

Returnees Topless, Guide Dog and Radiator, though a brief visit as she has to go away???

So sadly we farewell Radiator heading home to USA..


Congrats to Squota, 200 runs yippee!!

Happy Birthday to Topless and Tip’m with cakes and lollies

Bitchy Britches to Squota and Sarge

Who accepted gracefully on a trumped up charge!!


Droopy Boobs to Half Cut for leaving the esky in the street

And also asking Roll On .. ‘ have they already got back’

She must have inhaled alcohol fumes from her back seat

Shorty hadn’t even said ‘what time does the 7oclock run start?’


GD charges Roll On for forgetting the horn and Moose who runs into a closed door

And then has problems dragging esky, cos wheels were left on car boot floor

Close to Me charged Knee High and Yvonne, for jumping the queue at the AGM

Fashion police failed to charge Half Cut and Bumbo for headgear keeping them warm!!

General business or points of interest

Some copies of 2016-17 Annual about to be chucked

If you want one better grab one quick

They are about to be given the flick…..


DIY appeared looking very glam, in a road kill coat belonging to Half Cut

More lost property of glasses and ‘gold’ bracelet, are they yours?

Three stock pots are available for Harriettes use, see Sarge

Blewhe arrived late and Close to Me unsuccessfully tried to charge..


Cookie apologised for the ‘Sticky Date’ misunderstanding

So we are treated this week to her amazing cooking!!!

Together with salad and yummy chicken pasta

Next week we’ll all have to walk/run much faster!!


Half Cut lead our Harriettes song

The ‘new’ committee survived their first night

after all its ‘only Hash’…’See nothing can go wrong’ …

Do you read the write-ups? well maybe that might!!!


So apologies for my late report

Might I tell you it’s the earliest I’ve been late!!!

But if you have read it please let me know

By correspondence of any sort ….


I don’t want you to tell me that I cannot get it to rhyme

Or my spelling is shite, or I didn’t get it right

Just curious to see if Write-ups are read

They are of use to someone who cannot make the run

To see what a great club we have and how much fun!!!