Aunty Val's Run Write Up by Camel's proxy Guide Dog

After many a false start, being lost & found many times (nothing new there ) & with profuse
apologies to all……… Here goes – I’m pleased to report that Aunty Val's run was an Amazing &
Victorious effort complete with Awesome Views followed by an Absolutely diVine supper!
Sent on our way by Camel there were plenty of interesting places, with an abundance of up-hills
though not so many going down, down – they were held back for the Circle where Elaine our one &
only visitor (from NSW & The Hon Sec's sister) crashed in to prove they have one thing in common
– not just drinking!  as Rice Bowl commented that they drive like each other too – there must be
another good story there!
Sheryl-Jane (aka Bright Spark's fire eating daughter – there has to be a name in that one as well)
became our newest member – welcome & congratulations S-J!
CTD received a down, down & birthday wishes plus a delicious cake made by Crafty; which was
eyed-up enviously by everyone it passed.
Rice Bowl received the Bitchy Britches for her 'innocent' comment about CTD's driving, naively
commenting that she would accepted them like a Virgin as 'supposedly' this was her ‘first time’ in
15 years, then drank her down, down so rapidly that she nearly got a second for being 'a thirsty
bitch'! too.
Droopy Boobs stayed with Liberty following her comment on the 'replacement boobs' – well earned
as she then compounded her droopiness by downing her tipple before Tickets was even able to
start the first syllable of her rendition.
At which point the pen ran out so I can only add that for reasons that may remain forever unknown
charges were handed out to Any Name, Bumbo & Kebab while Ball Breaker & our 'Newbie' hasher
Sheryl-Jane both clocked up double charges – well done girls
We were then led into our song before enjoying a sumptuous supper of various pizzas & delicious
salads together with great company it was a magic night – Yay!
Many thanks Aunty Val for yet again putting on a good show – we certainly look forward to your
next run.
On On – Guide Dog