Perth Harriettes Run No 2026

Hare : Headbanger

Co Hare Cleo


From the time Rambling & I got on the Freeway  we were destined not to be on time.

All we could see in the path in front of us was tail lights.

We nearly managed to make it until we made a wrong turn.

Navigator OR driver, you’ll never know, coz no-one lagged on the other.

We joined the runners by doing trail “sdrawkcab” and the lighted shoes were  the first thing we saw heading towards us.

All well marked & good running territory, but unable to comment any further so relied on others remarks, which were all good.

Circle ;

Visitors;   Yvonne & Lynn & Screwdriver (Hamersley Take it …. )

Special Runs : Liberty  1600 Big ones With a poem from Banger which goes something like this L    for Loyalty

I     for  ?

B     for   ?

E      for  Energy

R     for Runs  1600 of them

T      for Talking

Y      for   ?

Somehow we have to fill in the Blanks

(I was waiting for someone to put it on the Chronicles aka Blew He’s Boobline)

Bitchy Britches:  Wenchy just had to give them, traditionally, to the On Sec before she becomes G.M  as she won’t get them for another year.

Droopy Boobs : Xena gave them also to the On Sec for the very same reason.

Is there any truth in the rumour that Banger was the last to wear the old ones.

Charges: Suction charged Stiffy I’m not sure what it had to do with Roll On & Moose but that’s what my notes look Like !!!!

Buttless   charged Headbanger after she found “Butt Cream” in the bathroom It was Anti-friction… Anti Chafing… & wondered who was rubbing Headbanger up the wrong WAY.

Commando was “rewarded” for wearing the Horses Birthday hat as Headbanger had said “All you Nags & bitches can come along”

General Business;

AGM next week Don’t forget to join the Harem.

P.S  as this is “post AGM” it was a great night & thanks go to the previous committee for all their hard work

Jokers: Rose had a good Dog Sh.. Joke.


Everyone was then fed with yummy Chicken & salads and found a seat wherever

they could.

Great night On On to the AGM