Banger’s Run according to Bright Spark


As the heavens opened we all thought that we were in for a very damp run, however the sky cleared

at 7pm and the Harriettes were all their way

The youngsters ( Bangers children) ran ahead and guided the Harriettes through the streets of Greenwood

Back at Bangers house we were treated with warm tasty mulled wine and beautifully prepared chicken wraps.

Being Sarge‘s 70th Birthday , we had lots to celebrate. Champagne was pouring and Sarge’s friends took a

liking to Camel’s mulled wine.

There was a DD for Banger and her co-hare sister Stretch 

Returnee drinks for Squirrel and Stretch 

Visitors were Sarge‘s friends from ?Indonesia

The Droopy Boobs went from Roll On to Sarge for having perky breasts at 70 years of age !!

The Bitchy Britches went to Guide Dog

69’ers for Commando and Gorgeous 

Belated Birthday wishes and a cake for Puddles  from ButtLess 

Shorty made and presented Sarge with an amazing 1,000 Run quilt.

Kebab made Sarge a magnificent 70th Poster


Bright Spark