Wenchy’s Run 4/7/17


It was a tad chilly this week, so I think we all ran and walked a little quicker than normal! The rain gods were very good to us and we all managed to complete the run and get safely home without getting wet!


A few got into the spirit of 4th July – we had a very authentic famous statue, LIBERTY, as well as some other versions of the stars and stripes – COWPAT, HALFCUT  and MISS MUFFET and our very own little hash PUMPKIN!



WENCHY was first for a down down for her impressive solo effort at setting the run. Our visitor LINDA was up next, followed by returnees CLEO, LESLIE, DMD and SQOTA.


It was quite an eventful night for special runs with RAMBLING celebrating her 1250th  and PUMPKIN her 1000th with a cake and little ditty from Nightfill:
“The sweetest pumpkin in the patch

Was given some runners and then joined Hash.


She wore tight little shorts that she had cut

And when she ran they showed off her butternut!


She’s hard on the outside, with skin like leather

And she goes to Hash in all sorts of weather


But get inside and she’s as mushy as soup

Could be why the perky tits have started to droop!


A nicer veggie you will never ever meet

Our little Pumpkin is so very, very sweet!


So for her 1000th run, help us celebrate

And have a piece of Pumpkin Fruit cake!”


SAM then followed with another little poem and a piñata to get the party started! WENCHY came up for a birthday drink and cake from BLEW HE – pumpkin pie of course!


BITCHY BRITCHES were AWOL and the DROOPY BOOBS went to ROLL ON for asking why LIBERTY was dressed up!


CHARGES –  Bon voyage as OASIS is off to Europe for 6 weeks!

LESLIE – to celebrate 18yrs divorced and 19yrs in WA

TICKETS led them into their down down with her cucumber song!

We finished up with some jokes from COOKIE and LIBERTY, followed by a delicious dinner of homemade burgers and pumpkin pie!

Well done on a great run, WENCHY!